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Why Do People Cheat? (Abuja)

If being faithful is easy, (which I think most people will say) then why do so many people cheat? To be clear, I’m not only talking about physical encounters. ONLY Many people limit their definition of cheating to physical encounters. However, most infidelities don’t leap to the physical. You often work your way up to the physical point, so what about all those missteps you took on your way there?
What about all those indiscretions you overlooked, ignored, or somehow excused until the inevitable? You know the type: the extra DM on Twitter, the inappropriate ‘Like’ on a Facebook picture you had no business viewing in the first place, or the “hey, how have you been?” message to an X even though you’re in a new relationship. SO WHY DO PEOPLE CHEAT? AND IS ALMOST EVERY 1 GUILTY?

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