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Annual Personal Income in Ghana- Reserch Help!!!!! (Accra)


Hi! I am currently trying to complete some research on Ghana and on it's average annual personal incomes. I have so far found out that the average income per person in Ghana is Protected content . However, I am aware that this is quite low.

I am ideally looking to create a series of groups in which I can place different incomes but I am struggling with how to separate these in this country.

Here is my example of how I would separate income bands in the UK:
Low salary (Uk under £10, Protected content by a street sweeper/farmworker etc
Low average salary (UK Protected content earned by a builder/cook/driver/shop assistant etc
High average salary (UK Protected content earned by a teacher/office worker/hotel worker etc
High salary (UK Protected content earned by a doctor/professional/ hotel manager etc
Top salary (UK over 55, Protected content by a business leader/ politician

Please advise me of what you would consider a 'top salary,' 'high salary', 'high average salary.' etc as I am struggling to find this information out.

Many thanks!

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