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August visit to Accra - looking for advice


I'm coming for a wedding in early August.
By the 9th, all the festivities should be done. I was wondering what is a good number of extra days I could stay that won't break the bank but gives me a chance to see a good array of interesting things.

Hotels seem quite expensive, but I saw affordable options on Airbnb. Are those typically reliable? I need a reliable access to AC as well a Fridge (for medicine)

Getting Around
Car rentals seem very expensive. I saw a quote for Protected content for 10 days. I read, however, that hiring a car with a driver maybe be more affrodable ( of course, if you use it, on demand - not several days straight). What are good reliable options for this? I figure I'd like to get around the city but also visit things out of town.

What are the attraction that I should not miss ( both in and out of Accra ) and how much time would you recommend for each?

Many thanks, and if you are local, perhaps we can have a drink once I get there? :)


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