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Bad Experience Lufthansa Frankfurt to Accra Flight

Lufthansa has a very good reputation and it was therefore a surprise to find that not only did they fly some leased aircraft on the Frankfurt to Accra route last week, they also managed to lose my boss's luggage. As we were flying out to Benin next morning, he had to do without his luggage at great inconvenience for 4 days as we were busy with important meetings and it was almost impossible to get replacement clothing.

No apology was issued, no offer of compensation either. And we found it difficult to retrieve the luggage when we returns days later to collect it.

I would have put this down to bad luck except that Lufthansa managed to lose quite a few people's luggage that day - there was a queue of people reporting their loss. And this scenario has been repeated before - where they have hired in a leased plane and luggage was lost by a number of passengers - click on the link below to see another person's experience.

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In my opinion, there is only one way to punish large companies for bad such behaviour - you hit them where it hurts, in the wallet. So, please spread the word and maybe the falloff in demand for their rotten service will get them to wake up and provide a better one1

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