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Banking questions (Accra)

Hi all.

I am new to Internations and am enjoying reading through the expat q & a and getting a flavour for what life is like. I may be working there soon and need to get my affairs in order, so thanks to everyone who posts here for the help they are providing!

I just had a few questions about what it is like to work and bank in ghana. In particular, how is it different to banking in your home country? For example,

Is it easy to send payments to home (in my case, UK). Is this even legal?
Can you make online purchases using debit cards from amazon and get it delivered to Ghana?
Can you easily access your home country cash by using atms or by sending payments to your ghana account?
Can you hold your home currency (in my case, British pounds) in Ghana until you need to exchange it for cedi?
What can one expect in terms of current account interest rates and fees?

Any help any of you can provide in helping with these questions will be much appreciated!!

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