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Brand New Fully Automatic Front Loading 5.5 kg Was (Accra)

- Aqua Energie, a highly advanced features such as aqua energie mechanism to treat hard water.
- 2D water system ensures that the detergent-rich water is deeply penetrated into the clothes for Superior cleaning
- Liquid detergent dispenser that easily dilutes the detergent into the water and prevents any allergies caused due to detergents
- Crescent Moon Drum, a pattern that prevents clothes from being rubbed against the wall and facilitates a gentle wash
- In case if the wash load is unevenly distributed in the washing machine, the auto imbalance system will rearrange the load and uniformly balance it.
- In-built protective rat mesh, the washing machine is protected from rat and rodents attack.
- You can easily wash your delicate fabrics or baby clothes through this high-performance washing machine which is not used even once.

- IFB - Eva Aqua Vx (Top rated brand in Washing Machine)
- Front-loading washing machine
- Washing Capacity: 5.5 kg
- Color: White
- Control Type: Fully Automatic
- Dimensions: 59.8 cm x 87.5 cm x 50.6 cm
- Temperature options: Cold, warm and hot,
- Door diameter: Protected content
- Door opening angle: Protected content
- Water supply: 03 Bar to 10 Bar
- Protected content
- Washing Method: Tumble Wash

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