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Coming back to Ghana... (Accra)

Hello everyone! Apologies, I have not logged on here in months....I am however gearing up for Ghana again and need to reconnect, find new friends, and new connections. My main goal while staying in Ghana is to build my fashion business and work on my music. I love anything that has to do with the creative arts, and would like to find contacts here who are involved in that area. I would love to get a job to keep busy in between time, working alongside anyone in entertainment, theatre, music, art, fashion, graphic design, photography, and event planning. That's a broad spectrum but just wanted to put my interests out there! (Also I would love to work with Portuguese or Spanish speaking individuals, I speak fluent Portuguese). This will be my 5th time back to Ghana, and I'm ready to be in the hot sun again! Any feedback/leads on jobs would be much appreciated. Thank you my lovely people, peace and blessings. Protected content

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