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EDG3 contains a US patented blend of amino acids that includes the precursors your body needs to produce glutathione naturally. It also includes additional amino acid activators and recyclers to ensure you get the most from glutathione in your body.

EDG3 helps to improve your immune system in containing:
•Stressful lifestyle
•Lack of exercise
•Lack of sleep
•Taking painkillers
•Chronic tiredness / Lethargy
•Slow recovery from exercise
•Brain Fog
•Low stamina
•Uneven skin tone Protected content
•Dull skin
•Dry skin
•Open pores
•Clogged pores
•Frequently sick / having infections
•Autoimmune diseases (e.g. SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis)
•Sinus problems
•Cold, flu and other infections
•Hay fever

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