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Eligibility for Ghana Driver's license exchange (Accra)

There has been some mix up in DVLA concerning eligibility for a Ghana license based on a foreign license.

After presenting my Irish (European) Driving license and authenticating document from the Irish Driving LIcense authority to the Deputy Director of the relevant department at the DVLA Head Office at 1, Jawaharial Nehru Road, he endorsed the document.

I then went, as instructed, to the Accra Regional DVLA office (on Liberation Crescent, off Liberation Road at Maxmart near Hospital 27). The wait there can be very long just to get into the office (the office is located behind the bank on the DVLA site).

I was very surprised to be told by that office that my application was rejected by - the official cited a line in the "Employee Guidelines" which stated that applicants have to be staying in Ghana for a year. They interpreted this as the applicant would have to have already spent a year in Ghana and be on her or his second Resident Permit. After arguing the point in a very polite way, I was sent to the Head of the Regional Office for adjudication.

The meeting with the Head of the DVLA Accra Regional Office did not go well and I was told once again that I did not quality for the Ghana license.

I returned to the DVLA head office and queued up to see the Deputy Director of the driving license department. Once I explained the situation, he called the DVLA Accra Regional Office official (the original official who had rejected me) to tell him that I did qualify and he then provided me with a note saying that I was eligible.

Back to the Regional DVLA office next morning but the relevant official was not available. Was sent to the head of the Accra Regional DVLA office who again reiterated his position; he then read the note and then phoned the Deputy Director of the driving license department. He was told that I did indeed qualify.

Finally, I was allowed to proceed to the on-site bank, pay 54 Cedis, queue up for an hour for my eye test and have my finger prints and official photo taken. Received my temporary license straight away - my permanent license will be ready within the next three months.

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