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From an Internations Member(becareful) (Accra)

Dearest, I'm happy for your mail, and I have vital reason for contacting you regarding my condition here. I am Miss Sophia Hareef, 22 years old lady from Republic of Rwanda.
I'm the only daughter of late Dr. Fabius Hareef. My late Dad, Dr. Fabius Hareef was for many years, the Rwandan Government's chief Economist. He later resigned His public appointment and then created His Own Real Estate construction & management firm (ZHUBARI GROUP CO. LTD), Headquartered in Kigali, Capital city of Rwanda.
My late Dad was also The personal Economic adviser to our current President. Soon after the cold blooded assassination of my beloved parents, my step-mom began threatening me, and even plotted to assassinate me; Because She wanted to assume absolute control over all of my late father's Estates, Investments, and other high value properties; hence their sudden assassination.
Meanwhile, I had wanted to immigrate to Europe to studies, but my step mom set my belonging ablaze right under my watch, and burned my international passport and other valuable traveling documents. Luckily for me, my Late Father's personal Files were kept hidden away from our family house, and this is why they weren't also set ablaze by my step mom.
After these, I finally decided to escape into neighboring African nations, and at last I arrived this refugee camp.
Here in Dakar, Republic of Senegal I'm now an asylum seeker & political refugee, under United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).
My Dearest, I contacted you for a long-term business relationship and investment assistance in your country. My late Dad deposited about $5,700, Protected content million and seven hundred thousand dollars) in Standard Bank Plc, UK, and I am the next of kin. However, I can write much about the funds and will also give you vital details of the bank deposit on confirmation of your willingness to assist my claims of the money, and my demand for release, for transfer & investment of the funds in your country.
Besides claims & investment of the money, I'll also like to seek University admission upon arrival to your country, because I was still studying when forced to flee my family home in Kigali.
If we get on successfully well, I shall compensate you with 13% of the money for your assistance, while you keep the balance safe pending my investment capital.
Please, let all communications between us remain confidential; Call me with this phone number ( Protected content ). Its not my own phone, I've no phone for now. But the Rev. Father of this Catholic Parish permitted me to use His office phone for daily calls with you, until we complete claims & transfer of the cash.
Once I receive your positive reply to be My Transfer Partner, I will put things to action immediately. I shall appreciate your urgent reply showing willingness/readiness to handle this transaction sincerely and honestly. I am in this Refugees camp's female hostel, and I'm waiting your positive response.
You must keep this secret & to yourself; You must not disclose it to any person whosoever, until the cash is successfully claimed & transferred to your account for me, and I safely arrive your home country. I hope my explanations are very clear, but, if you need further clarification, then send me your questions. I attached my photos so that you know me full well.. Thanks; and reply immediately.
Yours Sophia.

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