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HealthCare Newsroom Proposal (Accra)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Codie Perry and I am a sophomore at Boston College majoring in business and economics.

This past sumer as part of a new field study course at Boston College, which focused on technology and economic development. It is a interdisciplinary course that combines classroom learning examining trends in technology in emerging markets with a week-long field study to Accra, Ghana. I studied how technology is fostering growth and entrepreneurship in the developing world, as well as the challenges that are present.

I am part of a social entrepreneurship organization called Enactus. And currently, my team members and I are developing a Global Digital Newsroom comprised of monthly newsletter publications, multimedia video broadcasting, and social media component in order to 1.raise awareness of African healthcare issues, 2.create a bridge/pipeline between African Hospitals to facilitate their progress, and 3. Facilitate the involvement of global communities in the development and improvement of African healthcare.

We seek to connect with hospitals, healthcare companies, and professionals who will help us establish partnerships with Hospitals in Africa so that we can develop relationships with them and execute our project. We hope that we may able to share the stories of the things that occur at these hospitals in order to raise global awareness, as well as work towards involving global communities in the improvement of African healthcare.

So far we have made a lot of progress on this project. We have established relationships with two hospitals in the cities of Douala and Dschang Cameroon. One of our teammates is travelling to these facilities in March in order to further our relationships and connections with these hospitals. We seek to expand on this momentum.

Overall, our mission is to ultimately improve African healthcare. Please, we are trying to expand our knowledge and information to further discuss our project and explore possible areas of collaboration. Let me know if you have any ideas, comments or possible contacts you feel would be interested in helping out!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!



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