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I need a job! And I have so much to offer.... (Accra)

I am an expat in Ghana trying to find employment here, Africa or elsewhere internationally. Any leads or suggestions from members would be gratefully received. I provide a brief overview below together with my Linkedin profile link and email address should you want a copy of my full CV. Thank you for your support.

1. I have lived and worked overseas for much of my adult working life, in various countries, in a
range of climates and economies and in a variety of sectors and industries.
2. I have an extensive history and track record of either developing or owning businesses,
which have combined to equip me with valuable knowledge in the spheres of management,
employee recruitment and leadership, project management, operations, client acquisition and
retention and company expansion, development and growth.
3. I am particularly experienced and motivated by creating businesses from the planning stage
to launch and then to on-going expansion of that business. I am especially keen to join an operation
that requires somebody of my calibre to enter a new or growing territory and effectively contribute
to their structuring and organisation by bringing to them the entrepreneurial spirit that I possess and
the passion I have for the development of a busy, diverse and evolving environment.
4. My career in the UK and overseas has provided me enormous and valuable exposure across
a range of essential business situations from high-level networking, business-to-business negotiation
and presentation, people and staff management, marketing and sales and an in-depth
understanding of the business climate and methods required to expedite business in various regions
and mostly in areas regarded as “difficult” or “challenging”. I have a healthy contact list of people at
all levels and am confident in my abilities in utilising them to the best effect.
5. As a result of my accumulated activities and career to date, I have a tireless and dedicated
approach to any given project or duty either as an appreciated and proactive team member or in an
entirely autonomously role: I thrive in a busy atmosphere that demands the utmost attention to
detail. Due in part to the many different countries I have lived in and my interest in their unique
cultures, I am well accustomed to multi-tasking, sudden changes and working to time frames,
deadlines and unexpected delays.
6. I am naturally creative and inventive by character and enjoy challenge as a way of expressing
a personal style of working and management technique, which has always enabled me to achieve
the highest degree of performance as well as to encourage respect, allegiance and enthusiasm from
those that I work with or work for.
7. Having lived and worked in many different countries and communities, I have developed a
range of skills and I would like to put these qualities to good use.
I am eager to talk with you to discuss a suitable position and to explore how I can make a positive
contribution to the needs and development of your organisation. I kindly request therefore that you
review the accompanying CV, which highlights my activities and experience across my career.
In the meantime, if you would like to gain more details on my background or wish to make contact
with those who have recommended and endorsed me you are welcome to view my online profile at
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Dominic Ryan
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