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I need of friends - contacts (Accra)

Hi guys,
I am new to Internations and so I could do with some friendly faces and nice introductions.

I have been a traveller to Ghana the last 2 years but since I alwys stay one month in Ghana and one month in Spain/Dubai, I am like the perpetual traveler.

I am now finaly taking the time to get my social network in Ghana a bit more up to level since our farm is now operational and running. This means I no longer need to be full time in the local village anymore.
So as you are here in Ghana we already have two things in common: Ghana and an open mind (or a keen sense for adventure?).

I might probaly add also a healthy sense of fellowship and sustainable/social awareness.

If you happen to be a nice person I will be more than happy to accept your connection.

kind regards,

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