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Important Info - Identity Cards (Accra)


We have received advance notice from WARA that the Government is cancelling all currently issued non-citizen identity cards at the end of April and that we will all have to go through a new registration and issuance process.
Apparently the Government are concerned about the number of expats entering the country with communicable diseases (this may be related to the Ebola outbreak in Guinea). During the registration process which will be handled at the main immigration office they will be taking a blood sample for testing and we will be required to provide a stool sample (this you can either do at home in a standard medicine/tablet dispenser or, as the lady from WARA said, put it, in a “rubber” or when you visit the Department’s offices – this cannot be done at WARA).
Once you have been medically cleared you will be issued a new identity card.
Oh, and all of this comes at a cost of $ Protected content GHS equivalent).

As soon as I receive official notification I will let you know. In the meantime you can contact Mrs April Fulsdah at WARA for more information.

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