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Industrial engineer on the hunt (Accra)

Personal Details

✓ Date Of Birth: 21st January, Protected content
✓ Religion: Christian
✓ Languages spoken: English, French, Arabic, Armenian, Russian
✓ Marital Status: Single
✓ Sex: Male
✓ Residential address:

Career Goal

Seeking a position in a fast-paced manufacturing environment where my cost-consciousness and analytical ability with history of success optimization and production processes could be well utilized.

Highlights of Qualifications

Strong managerial, organizational, technical, industrial, coordinating and leadership skills in increasing productivity, quality and profitability through keen data analysis and process design. Significantly improve operations and provide efficient resolution of production issues. Identify opportunities of honing safety standards and maximizing ROI. Excel at completing projects accurately within schedule and budget. Proficient in AutoCAD, Simul8, MATLAB, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outstanding communication, problem-solving and relationship-management skills.

Core Competencies and Skills

✓ Excellent communication that is congruent with identified goals with in-house departments.
✓ Excellent Observational skills
✓ Factory management and Production engineering skills set(planning and optimizing).
✓ Maintenance engineering(general knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC logic, general electrical and electronic components)
✓ Swift decision and rapid action
✓ Analyzing and interpreting resultant data, finding patterns, and drawing conclusions.
✓ Recognize my personal and professional limitations and set out appropriate resources.
✓ Approaching problems in an analytical and rigorous way, formulating theories and applying them to solve problems.
✓ Knowledge in Systems optimization
✓ Strategic planning and guidelines creation and implementation skills.
✓ Workforce restructuring
✓ Supply chain management
✓ Budget management
✓ Strong negotiation skill
✓ Business acumen

Areas of Expertise


✓ Cost reduction and Avoidance
✓ Mold setting
✓ Quality control
✓ Material selection
✓ Process improvement
✓ Machine parameter setup
✓ Cold runner multi cavity molding
✓ Thin wall molding
✓ Hot runner single and multi-cavitymolding
✓ 3rd plate cold runner
✓ Machine troubleshooting
✓ Mold and material troubleshooting
✓ Basic maintenance (hydraulic and electrical)


✓ Quality control
✓ Process improvement
✓ Die setting
✓ Die troubleshooting
✓ Material troubleshooting
✓ Multi-layer soft PVC extrusion
✓ HDPE extrusion
✓ PPR extrusion
✓ Co-extruder
✓ Downstream machines
✓ Basic maintenance (mechanical and electrical)


✓ Die setting
✓ Single cavity, single station
✓ Double cavity, single station
✓ Single cavity, double station
✓ Double cavity, double station
✓ Quality control
✓ Material selection
✓ Process improvement
✓ Machine troubleshooting
✓ Material troubleshooting
✓ Basic maintenance (hydraulic and electrical)


Commercial materials

✓ PP random copolymer
✓ PP copolymer
✓ PP-homopolymer

Engineering materials

✓ Hips
✓ Abs
✓ Polycarbonate
✓ Polyamide
✓ Soft PVC
✓ silicon
✓ Plastic compounding
✓ Plastic recycling
✓ Colorants
✓ Polymer additives (filler, UV,stabilizer, expanding agent... )


✓ Autoloader
✓ Vacuum tank
✓ Spray bath
✓ Cutter
✓ Haul-off
✓ Auto socket (for PVC-U)
✓ Coiler
✓ Chiller
✓ Air compressor
✓ Dryer for air compressor
✓ Dryer
✓ Crusher
✓ Palletizing
✓ Dehumidifier


✓ Lath
✓ Drill
✓ Surface grinding machine
✓ Power tools
✓ Welding


✓ Different steel alloys
✓ Brass yellow
✓ Copper red
✓ Brillium copper
✓ Metal tampering

Educational background.

Penn Foster University Scranton, PA - United States of America
Master’s Degree - Industrial engineering Protected content

Professional Experience and Accomplishments.

• Interpast Ghana Limited, Spintex, Accra - Ghana

CO – FACTORY MANAGER (3rd August, Protected content Date)
Challenged with increasing production quality, improving process flow, and reducing costs while maintaining or improving safety for large plastics manufacturer. Develop, evaluate documents and advance manufacturing methods and processes through Lean techniques and Kaizen events. Analyze and reengineer production layouts, designing and implementing efficiency and quality improvement projects across production lines. Collaborate with administrative and finance teams to establish viable support of safety standards. Provide ongoing production support and troubleshooting.

Selected Contributions:
✓ Collaborated with senior management on Business Process Reengineering (BPR) efforts, gaining 7% increase in productivity and quality.
✓ Established first preventive maintenance schedule, ensuring optimal equipment operation without costly downtime.
✓ Created and implemented efficiency enhancement to generate more than 12% improvement through associated cost reductions.
✓ Significantly reduced waste and end-to-end production time by leveraging expertise with Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology.
✓ Developed accurate, operation-wide measurement standards to increase production, minimize non- values added time.
✓ Monitored and analyzed workflow, processes, procedures, and line activities – identifying and resolving bottlenecks to maximize efficiency.
✓ Created cost model to match spare parts demanded and used.

• Nn international, Ghana

PROCUREMENT MANAGER (1st July, Protected content 30th July, Protected content

Resultsdriven, hardworking and capable procurement manager with a track record of significantly reducing costs and also improving the company`s processes and purchasing programs. Having proven ability that to ensure that a company enjoys a competitive edge when compared to their competitors by securing the best quality price and terms from suppliers. Always delivering results against strategic objectives, whilst working within the organization`s core values and beliefs.

Selected Contributions:
✓ Responsible for Order Placement Timing, Supply/ Demand alignment, material replenishment and supplier performance.
✓ Sourcing the most affordable materials for the company`s manufacturing process.
✓ Projecting stock levels
✓ Controlling the purchasing budget.
✓ Ensuring the adequate supply of all required materials, components and equipment.
✓ Managing the procurement supplier relationships for the company.
✓ Resolving disputes and claims with vendors.
✓ Keeping all supplier programs current and accurate.
✓ Delegating projects and tasks to junior staff
✓ Developing relationships with distributors.

• Sarkis Company, Lebanon

PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR (2nd January, Protected content 1st June, Protected content

Motivated production supervisor who has the ability to manage the people, processes and technology involved in any production process.Built trust through effective leadership and goes out to maximize production uptime, coming with cost saving ideas and implementing manufacturing improvements.
Selected Contributions:
✓ Clearly identifying the work flow associated with manufacturing a product.
✓ Controlling the flow of work to meet customer deadlines.
✓ Supervising all production activities.
✓ Delegating duties to individual team members
✓ Maintaining good communication between production management and the post production team.
✓ Providing relevant manufacturing information to management staff.
✓ Ensuring scheduled maintenance is carried out as planned.
✓ Analyzing manufacturing costs and benefits.
✓ Proper production records keeping.

• Cosma D’or Cosmetics, Lebanon

CONSULTANT AND ADVISOR Protected content Protected content

The main task was to guide and provide adviceon key issues, concerning restructuring and progression as well as how to improve profitability, competitive advantage, share value in effectively running a firm that is into manufacturing blow molded, injection molded and P.E.T products.

Selected Contributions:
✓ Determining and clarifying strategic and operational problems via consultation.
✓ Identifying problems and seeking solutions.
✓ Undertaking research into the industry sector, markets, and competitors
✓ Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data and statistics.
✓ Compiling and presenting information verbally, visually, and written.
✓ Identifying and assessing pros and cons of possible strategies
✓ Developing, advising about and implementing agreed solutions.
✓ Responsible for planning, implementation, integration and auditing
✓ Managing service or product delivery to clients including performance and discovery analysis to determine needs and solutions.
✓ Team leader with much focus on cost per output on the production front.

• Equiplast sarl, Lebanon

INJECTION MOULDING DIVISION MANAGER Protected content Protected content
Selected Contributions:
✓ Quality control
✓ Production planning and supervision
✓ Supervising mold setup, packaging
✓ Machine parameter setup
✓ Ordering daily raw material, colorant and additives
✓ Employee training
✓ Filling daily reports for production
✓ Reporting to the General Manager
✓ Material selection and compounding
✓ Troubleshooting

• Thermal Plastics, Lebanon

MANAGING DIRECTOR / CEO Protected content Protected content

A far sighted individual with excellent business development skills with hands on knowledge of directing the activities of all projects. Excellent knowledge of supporting the company`s strategic alliances and participating in marketing. Hands on experience of supervising employees across different departmentsto facilitate coherence in communication.

Selected Contributions:
✓ Direct the activities and productivity of entire organization
✓ Provide training and guidance
✓ Hire and trained staff
✓ Managed administrative functions and ensured smooth and efficient operations of the organization.
✓ Support the organization`s strategic alliances and partnership
✓ Ensure performance goals are met
✓ Attends and presided over meetings
✓ Participate in strategic planning
✓ Represent the organization to the public, key stakeholders and business partners.
✓ Help create budgets and track expenditures
✓ Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including special events and official administrative acts.

• EST Asped Kechichian pour l’Industrie et le commerce, Lebanon

SUPERVISOR Protected content Protected content

Selected Contributions:
✓ Provide training and guidance
✓ Managed administrative functions and ensured smooth and efficient operations of the organization.
✓ Support the organization`s strategic alliances and partnership
✓ Ensure performance goals are met
✓ Attends and presided over meetings
✓ Participate in strategic planning
✓ Help create budgets and track expenditures.

Additional Skills Protected content .

✓ High computer literacy in MS Office suite
✓ Good communication skills, both written and verbal
✓ Good interpersonal skills and relationship
✓ Highly detail oriented.
✓ Good time management.
✓ Team work skills and working independently
✓ Results oriented
✓ Organizational skills and working methodically & accurately
✓ Advanced numeracy and analyzing large quantities of data
✓ Maintain effective liaisons with in-company department members.

Personal Interest.

✓ Skiing
✓ Sky diving
✓ Adventure and traveling
✓ Speed bikes
✓ Super cars
✓ Cooking
✓ Languages
✓ Quantum mechanics
✓ Science of universe


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