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inquiry (Accra)

Hello all expats!

My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Accra. We are currently living and working in Lagos, Nigeria but the fast spreading violence and crime made us think about leaving the place.

I would like to get some information so that we can start planning the thing. First of all, how much do we need for rent and what is the procedure of renting a place (monthly, yearly etc). Can we easily get a one room flat (or do they call it self-contain)? How much would that cost?

How difficult would it be for me to get a job (currently working as an Admin Officer but looking for a part time job in any field in order to have more time for my family)? My husband is a commercial diver but can as well do any other job :)

And, does anyone know whether I will need a visa to Ghana, if I have a stay permit in Nigeria (Niger Wife) and an indefinite entry visa to Nigeria?

Thanks a lot :-)

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