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Moving to Accra

Dear All,

Both my wife and I maybe relocating to Accra soon, and was hoping that some kind souls in Accra could give us a little clarification on a few things. We are now entering the package negotiation stage, so need to be sure I understand what we should be asking for.
We have both lived in China, and are currently living on the very shaky grounds of Tokyo. We are no strangers to the obvious cultural shocks that one goes through in this sort of transition, and that moving from a high tech zone to a developing country is going to have its own set of adjustment challenges, but could use some help with a few basics..

I believe from what I’ve read, that the most popular areas to live in Accra are either the Airport Residences, or Cantonments….any comments of availability and cost? We will be relocating with furniture, so also wondering if landlords are flexible in terms of removing certain items in order to accommodate our own. We won’t be bringing any white goods such as Fridge, washing machine etc, are these usually included in the apartment lease.

Health insurance and good Hospitals, Dentists and eye care (my wife is concerned about her reliance on contact lenses).

Good reliable transport, namely purchasing a car (probably used), any advice on dealers and insurance costs, any good or bad experiences to share?

Any advice on a reasonable living allowance per month? Utilities and general living.

My wife may want to work. She is French, and fluent in English and Chinese. How is the market there finding reasonable work on the ground?

Appreciate any help you can offer, and with any luck I should be seeing you at the usual hangouts soon.

Many kind regards

Craig & Clothilde

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