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Moving to Accra for work

Hi All,

So, my wife, 19 year old daughter and myself are relocating to Accra for a job, my company are going to find us a house to live in with some guidance from ourselves, does anyone have any ideas which are the best areas to live in, especially for expat interaction as we would like to make new friends and make the most of the social scene that Accra seems to offer.

We have just recently returned from Accra as my company flew us out there to see if we would all like it and could be happy living there, we went to a restaurant called Monsoon which was a great restaurant and seemed a nice area to live, but I cannot remember the name of the area.

I would welcome any comments with regard to good areas to live and best banks to use there for expats, and friend also requests from any expats that may feel they would be happy to have us as friends :0)

I am 44 and my wife is 43.

Thanks in advance,

Tim,Sharon and Kirsty

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