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Naming and Shaming (Accra)


For a while I have accepted a certain practice here amongst members of the Internations community, but after 12 months of organising a monthly dinner I now feel the need to voice my frustration with the attitude of those who seem to have little respect for the organisers .. A few weeks ago I attended the first of the dinner nations events, and from the 10 attendees apart from the organiser only 2 showed up myself included , thankfully no tables were booked , but for a first time organiser this is very disheartening when they recieve no calls to say they will not attend..

For myself , last night was another case in point , where I do have to book seats at a restaurant and when people fail to inform me of their absence we wait longer than necessary and the restaurant is left with empty seats, also all participants are give my phone number so there is no excuse apart from bad manners.. I'm afraid those that are repeat offenders will be told I will not be entertaining their presence at events and will delete them..

I had thought of listing those that had failed to inform me , but now they are just marked as non attendees automatically for future events,

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