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Parts Trader: The Directory For African Car Parts (Accra)

As a motor supplier or car parts dealer why chase your clients when you can find them at one point? Parts Trader, an internationally recognized online automotive network, which launched its services in Ghana a couple of months ago, is aiming at revolutionizing the way African car parts traders and dealers reach out to clients looking for parts.

At the outset, Parts Trader has given access to customers to advertise the car parts they are looking for and evaluate parts prices from hundreds breakers and suppliers. At the same time, Parts Trader has made it possible for car parts suppliers to join their online automotive network to access thousands of customers seeking out parts that they may have in their warehouse.

This is a way of linking parts providers to customers from any region in a very sophisticated manner.

Sarah Nelson from Parts Trader –Ghana explains: “Parts Trader, which is developed for the automotive industry will dramatically change the way the automotive industry in Africa goes about buying and selling car parts.”

So far, studies reveal that due to their traditional way of going about their businesses, African parts providers have not enjoyed a potential earning. More often than not, they stick to a limited number of clients, due to poor marketing strategies.

Part Trader says its online automotive network will pave the way for African motor traders to “multiply their sales figures and turn over their stock much faster than ever before.” Nelson explains further that companies can also locate and resell the parts their clients are looking for and do not have in stock without having to turn any customer away.

Parts Trader intends to give “free advertising for companies” once motor dealers join their network at their website to allow customers to find out about the kind of services they provide.

“The registration procedure is quite simple,” said Sarah Nelson. “Companies only have to select a membership option that best suits their needs and then complete our registration forms online.” An offline package membership is also available for parts traders who are not familiar with the internet.

In a communiqué, which was issued last month, the company assured African parts providers that its services aims at helping them boost their business, and that they can lean on Parts Trader to respond to their clients’ needs efficiently.

“There are now many similar copycat car parts services on the web, some old and many new, however this may be considered a compliment, none have the experience and expertise we have gathered over the past 15 years, resulting in regularly over 17’000 people every day using our parts service sites to locate quality car parts across the world,” said Nelson.

For more details please, log onto Protected content . To join the network as a parts provider online, refer to this link: Protected content

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