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PLEASE READ Insulin Scam - Beware (Accra)

Today I came very close to being separated from my hard earned cash by a very convincing fraudster.
He approached me in A & C Mall and asked if I spoke French, when I said no he managed enough (although his English improved as time went on)English to explain to me that he had flown from Togo to Accra on business, his flight was at 12 noon today, he missed his flight but his baggage had gone on that flight, in his baggage was his insulin and he desperately needed to purchase some and he was in trouble because his blood sugar level was high, I even saw him test and it was indeed high, he even started crying !! he even began to feel ill, we took him to a clinic (that we chose) they tested him and gave me a shot of insulin, he started to feel immediately better and the clinic did this for free !!!

Here comes the scam, he wanted us to help him find a chemist that did insulin pens, we couldn't find them anywhere, but thank fully there were some chemists that did sell the small bile's I think you call them, which were 84 GHC each, as they were only short acting he would need 30 of each the green and the blue, a lot of moneys worth, he only had 40 GHC, his wife had tried transferring money over but because it was a public holiday he could not get it until tomorrow.

He was very well dressed and said he worked for a mining company and said he would give me a copy of his passport if I would lend him the money, he was due back here in ten days and would repay me then, he started phoning around the clinics to see who had this much insulin.
I had the money ready and was almost taken in.................. but I thought wait, the airline shouldn't have flown with his baggage, it's international law that it should be offloaded for security reasons, so I said I will take you to the airport, if they haven't off loaded it they are in breach of international law and also they should foot the bill for your medication, I told him I would come with him and demand something is done, he thanked me and we started making our way to the airport.

Needless to say on his way to the airport he needed the toilet quite badly and asked us to stop so as he could go a moment, you guessed it he never came back.

I'm sorry for the long post but feel everyone needs to know about this fraudster !!!

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