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Possible opportunities in Ghana? (Accra)

Hi there.

I would be very interested spending some time in Ghana. I have only ever been to the airport, in transit to Liberia – but I have an old family connection as my paternal grandparents once lived in the country, when it was still called the Gold Coast.

Anyway, I am a UK national, qualified as an electrical installations engineer. I am currently working in Project Management in Kuwait on a short term project, building modular camp living units for the Kuwait Oil Company..

I also have a long experience in the English teaching/language services sectors, being 100% English-Spanish bilingual. Apart from classroom teaching, I have worked as an ESL programme director, in Peru, and also in a new university which has recently opened in Marbella Spain. Additionally, I have done a lot of both document and instantaneous translation.

I have been living and traveling outside the UK for most of my adult life.

If anyone knows of anything that might fit my profile, please let me know. I can send a copy of my CV on request.

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