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Remy Martin Louis XIII now @ Flemingo Duty Free (Accra)


Remy Martin's "Louis XIII" however is different however, and occupies a unique place in the world of cognac, for several reasons:

It is made in relatively large volumes - the exact figures are a closely held secret, but certainly several thousand cases a year are produced. It has been produced more or less continually in the same distinctive bottle for over Protected content , since Protected content .

ALL the cognacs that go into the Louis XIII blend are from Remy Martin's own stocks, and they are specifically selected for this purpose NOT after decades of ageing as one might expect , but as young brandies, right at the beginning of their life, shortly after distillation. No bought-in eaux de vie are used, nor any that were not originally chosen for the blend. More than a million litres of cognac especially set aside for Louis XIII are ageing in Remy
Martin's cellars at any one time.

The final product is a blend of up to Protected content eaux-de-vie aged between 40 and Protected content old. In the last 75 years Remy Martin has had just three maitres de chai responsible for blending the final cuvee, so the current bottling is in effect a collaboration between three generations of cellarmasters. The current cellarmaster, Pierrette Trichet - the only female "master blender" at a major cognac firm - works with casks selected by her
predecessors, and in return selects young brandies that will only be blended and bottled decades after she has retired. Every year, around 3% of the cognac stored in cask evaporates, over time a staggering loss - for every litre of spirit originally put in cask, only 33cl - a third - survives to eventually be bottled.

The original concept dates back to June 13th, Protected content , when Paul-Emile Remy Martin officially registered the brand under the name of "Louis XIII Tres Grande Champagne - Age Unknown". The name was based on the fact that the family had bought its first vineyards during the reign of Louis XIII - ie between Protected content 1638.

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