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REST YOUR QUEST! (Accra, Ghana 6th-8th of Nov)

I heard you aren't satisfied with your leadership quality, effectiveness and scope of vision. You have attended conferences, read books, sought for counseling, but still, it seems something is lacking. Listen! There is nothing wrong with feeling that way; you aren't alone. You are one among the few with a longing to enlarge your leadership capacity and scope of vision. You are looking for something greater and larger than your life. That's why, the ordinary can't satisfy you. Your quest can find rest in an environment of profound and prolific leadership inspiration, motivation, preparation, activation, challenge and transformation. Since your quest is intense, you need an intensive and extensive encounter. Vision Protected content Global Leadership Conference On the 21st Century Accra Ghana is your greatest opportunity to meet the expectation of your curiosity and to rest your quest. Join me and cutting-edge leaders from around the world as we deep deeper into the heart and soul of leadership in the 21st century in all areas of strategic importance. We would equally explore cutting- edge insight and ideas on how to bring about change in all areas of strategic importance. Let's go to Accra Ghana 6th-8th of November. Stay connected for more updates! Click the link below for more information.
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Cheers! Dr.Benard Etta
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