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The Future of Ghana (Accra)

We focus on the Future of Ghana, the Gateway to Africa.

1. Reducing preventable diseases

2. Bringing inward investors into the agricultural sectors - lifting skills with the aid of overseas Universities and living standards for those that live currently hand-to-mouth. Accra suffers from urbanisation, the draw to the bright lights. We should be able to attract Protected content from the slums back to ag. field in the north.

3. Introducing overseas technology on license fees, using natural resources of Ghana for production in Ghana and for export (the imbalance of higher imports than exports can be adjusted )

4. Promoting donations to forward containers with Ghanaian tropical juice to Refugee camps surrounding Syria.

I will hold a brief conference in Accra at the end of April (date & venue to follow)
A happy Easter to you all, wherever you are. Peter

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