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Pool and drinks

Hosted by the Consul of the Budapest Games Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Thu 19 Jul 19:00 - 21:00

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A relaxed evening allowing us to play and talk, drink and have fun at the same time and stay there if we want for an after party!

I kindly ask members to stay away if they do not intend to play. The event is designed for us to play, drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) and talk together.

Tables 7and 8 have been reserved for us in room 2 for 2 hours between 19.00 and 21.00.
Those arriving earlier and ordering drinks at the bar should tell the barman that you are a friend of mine and going to settle the bill later (in this case we get a discount).

Depending on the number of actual attendees we will play singles or doubles.

Please find below the simple rules for playing pool for fun in this group.

We play the 8 ball game using 16 balls of which 7 are solids (spots), 7 are stripes, 1 is white (the cue ball) and 1 is black (the 8 ball).
We play on a table that has 6 pockets (holes).
We play singles or doubles and switch players and tables after each game. (In doubles, team members take turns after finishing their session)

2 cues and a set of balls with one triangle, one chalk and one table badge are provided by the facility over the counter for each table.
A frame and a bridge will be found at the table.
Simple rules to allow for rapid games
The aim is to win the game
a, by pocketing all the 7 balls of one’s own suite and then pocketing the 8 ball in a specific pocket without pocketing the cue ball before the opponent does so;
b, by the opponent pocketing the 8 ball early or in the wrong pocket (before all the 7 coloured balls are pocketed) or by pocketing the 8 ball and any other ball in one go.
Shooting the ball without at least one foot on the ground
Touching any ball on the table with body or cue
Pocketing the white ball (free ball for the opponent)
Pocketing the 8 ball before all object balls are pocketed (immediate losing)
Pocketing the 8 ball in wrong pocket (immediate losing)
Pocketing the 8 ball with any other ball pocketed in the same go (immediate losing)
Penalty for fouls
If one player makes a foul shot other than pocketing the 8 ball, the other player will have a go.
If the white ball is pocketed, the other player can place it anywhere on the table
Where to pocket the 8 ball?
Before shooting, the player has to designate and announce the pocket for the 8 ball.

Where to put the cue (white) ball?
The white ball is placed at the cue spot at the beginning of the game and every time the white ball has been pocketed or along the white cue line if the cue spot is occupied by any other ball.
At the beginning of the game and after being placed back on the white line from a pocket, the white ball has to be moved toward the bigger part of the table while the cue remains behind the table.


As there are countless of versions to play pool, it could be time consuming to agree each and every time on which versions to play.
It is possible to play not according to these simple rules but only in case all other players agree to do so at the table.

Fair play
• Do not make foul shots deliberately
• When you shoot, the white ball or the object ball or both have to touch the cushion.

Please familarize yourself with the rules before coming.

See you soon and let’s have fun at the tables.