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Rivington tournament # 37

Hosted by the Consul of the Zurich Series of Poker Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Mon 10 Dec 18:30 - 23:00

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Dear Poker Friends,

Please see details of our next game below.

IMPORTANT - Please do not bring any drinks to the event location. They are kind enough to let us use their upstairs area but they expect us to buy the drinks in the bar downstairs. However, please feel free to bring snacks.

6:30 pm - Check-in (upstairs) - Pay entry-fee (CHF Protected content Option Chip (CHF Protected content assignment
6:45 pm - Review Rules
7:00 pm - Cards in the air


1) Prizes will be awarded to players who finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in a Protected content % split of the prize pool.

2) Players will start with 1,500 in chips.

3) Each player will buy one Option Chip at check-in. The Option Chip may be used to re-buy if a player goes bust before the end of Level 3. The Option Chip may also be used to top-up the player’s stack with the initial 1,500 in chips during the break after Level 3. After the break unused Option Chips will be refunded and the prize pool will be finalized.

4) Seat assignments will be provided by random drawing performed by the host when at least 2 players checked in. Seat 1 will be the Small Blind in the starting round.
If a player informs the host before the start of the game that s/he will join late (but before the first break), a seat will be assigned, the player’s chip stack will be placed on the table, and sitting out rules apply.

5) A player leaving the table temporarily or not returning on time after a break will be considered sitting out. His/her cards will be dealt and folded and blinds due will be paid by the Dealer from the absent player’s stack until s/he rejoins.

6) Games will use a Small Blind and a Big Blind.

7) Blind levels will begin at Protected content Blind Structure at the bottom).

8) Level time will be 20 minutes.

9) Two decks will be in use per table.

10) Players will deal themselves. An eliminated player may act as dealer if the players at the table agree.

11) The Dealer will deal to the Small Blind first.

12) A player may only take up to 30 seconds to make a decision on his/her hand.

13) A player will have two Protected content of the word “time” to take an extra minute to make a decision on his/her hand.

14) Verbal betting declarations are binding

15) When betting, a player will not “splash the pot”

16) Raising
a) A raise must be at least the size of the largest previous bet or raise of the current betting round. If a player raises 50% or more of the previous bet but less than the minimum raise, s/he must make a full raise. The raise will be exactly the minimum raise allowed.
b) If a player announces raise, s/he may go back to his/her stack to complete the raise.
c) When making a raise, a player will come forward with chips in hand, when chips are release into the pot, they must remain.
d) Tossing an over-sized chip into a pre-flop pot is a call, tossing an over-sized chip into a post-flop pot will be consider a raise for the entire chip amount.

17) A player is “All In” when declaring “All In” or when pushing his/her entire stack toward the middle of the table.

18) If a player is “All In,” remaining players in the hand will play for that equal amount in the main pot, additional chips not being able to be matched by “All In” player will be considered a side pot to which remaining players with an ample chip stack will play for in addition.

19) In multi-table tournaments players may be moved to another table to balance the number of players sitting at each table. The player moved from the high table will be the one sitting in the same position as the eliminated player on the low table. When the final two tables are down to 9 players in total, the tables will be merged into one. Hands in progress will be completed before moving players.

20) All decisions will be made by the host if a clear ruling cannot be made by the players. Decisions made by the host are final and are not to be contested after ruling.

21) Blind Structure (SB-BB)

L1: Protected content
L2: Protected content
L3: Protected content

10 min Break (Color-up 25s & 50s)

L4: Protected content
L5: Protected content
L6: Protected content
L7: Protected content

10 min Break (Color-up 100s)

L8: Protected content
L9: 1, Protected content
L10: 2, Protected content

10 min Break (Color-up 500s)

L11: 3, Protected content
L12: 4, Protected content
L13: 5, Protected content

Hope all is clear to everyone :) I very much look forward to seeing you all!