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Personal Growth thru Movies Workshop: Managing the Ego

Hosted by a member of the Barcelona Happiness Lab Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Sun 23 Sep 17:00 - 20:00

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Authentic Living Workshop, Part I: Successfully Managing the Ego
Film Scenes: Troy Protected content

**Please read all text below.**

Happiness is the purpose of life and the ultimate goal we all share. The number one obstacle to this happiness is the ego (our self-concept, self-image) and the suffering caused by identifying with it. This workshop will help you effectively manage your ego so that you can embrace the personal authenticity that leads to living a happier, more joyful life regardless of the challenges you encounter.

Do you have a tendency to:
a. React aggressively or passively to others? Verbally attack others or run away in stressful situations?
b. Be defensive around others? Angrily defend your opinions?
c. Blame people, events, or circumstances for your problems?
d. Complain that something’s always wrong?
e. Worry about things outside of your control?
f. Be selfish by focusing only on your own needs and desires, sometimes at the expense of others (or the opposite—disregarding your own needs and desires in order to please others)?
g. Negatively judge others? Treat others as inferior?
h. Treat yourself poorly, such as self-sabotage?
i. Pursue pleasure and avoid pain?
j. Identify strictly or mostly with the material plane?

All of these tendencies (and more) are behaviors we learned growing up and are associated with the ego. In this workshop, we will take steps to unlearn them so that we can empower ourselves to live the life we truly wish to live.

Using scenes from the film Troy Protected content , in this workshop you will learn about:

1. The “healthy ego” and how it exists to meet your needs and fulfill your desires—and what you can do to assist it. RESULT: Greater satisfaction and happiness.

2. The “unhealthy ego” or your “dark side” and how it does everything possible to stay alive in you—and what you can do to manage and even heal the issues connected with it so that it no longer disrupts and sabotages your life. RESULT: Freedom from your dark side, personal pain, and conflicts. Strength, direction, clarity, and power to create the life you truly desire.

3. The four primary ego motivations that allow your dark side to survive—and what you can do to eliminate their negative influence. RESULT: Self-awareness that improves relationships and makes things go much more smoothly.

4. The “Us versus Them” mentality that leads to division, conflict, and the justification of selfish behavior, all of which contribute to empty, unhappy lives—and how you can resolve this mentality. RESULT: More harmonious relationships. Greater productivity and success.

5. The ego’s need to create drama in our lives (to become drama kings and queens)—and how we can disengage from it. RESULT: More emotional stability.

6. The ego’s drive to use our talents, skills, knowledge, social status, and/or good looks to feel ‘special’ or better than the rest—and how we can honor our uniqueness while sharing it with others in a humble manner. RESULT: Greater connection with people and sense of belonging.

And much more…

While the ego is always trying to protect us, in the end, it represents our false self which society has erroneously taught us is our true identity. After this workshop, you will have a complete understanding of what the ego is, how it works to survive in us, and how we create all of our unhappiness by following it. You will also know how to better meet your emotional and physical needs so that you can put aside your ego and live the life of meaning, joy, and happiness that authentic living has to offer.

This is an INFORMATIVE workshop. The information comes from multiple sources, including those based in modern psychology and ancient wisdom traditions.
This is a PRACTICAL and USEFUL workshop. We will do several exercises, including one that allows you to effectively apply ego management to your current challenges.
This is an ENTERTAINING and, hopefully, INSPIRING workshop. We will watch scenes from the captivating film Troy Protected content see how—amazingly—these scenes can teach us all about the manifestations of the ego and the resulting ills of society.

Cost: 15 euros. Time: 2.5 – 3 hours. Comes with workshop booklet. Please bring pen and additional paper, just in case.

IMPORTANT: You must watch the film Troy Protected content attending the workshop. We will have English subtitles. We will watch some scenes, NOT the whole movie. Starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Diane Krueger, Troy is an epic film based on the epic Greek poem most of us are familiar with, the Iliad. Its themes and archetypes are timeless, having just as much relevance to who we are as a society today as they did thousands of years ago. With its broad strokes, the story behind Troy eloquently captures our hopes and dreams, joys and disappointments, strengths and flaws, nobility and depravity, as well as our triumphs and tragedies. From beginning to end, the story is a synopsis of the human condition and our struggle to forge a world with our good intentions in the face of baser instincts (the ego) which relentlessly compete for our attention. As such, the full spectrum of human emotions is on display, with each successive event striking a resonant chord within us. For the story of Troy is in our bones, literally, calling us time and again to explore it as a way of reaching a greater understanding of ourselves so that we might one day rise above our heartbreaking destructive tendencies.