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Narcissistic Abuse in Private Relationships (Selfhelp Group)

Hosted by a member of the Munich Coaching and Self Development Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Tue 12 Dec 20:00 - 22:00

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This Selfhelp group will meet every 2nd Tuesday each month. The group is moderated both in German and English language. The participation in the selfhelp group is free of charge.


In narcissistic relations everything revolves around one's own advantage, everything is at the service of his / her own expanded self. Narcissistic relationships are rarely satisfying in the long run. One possibility of the "solution" is to detach your personal value from the narcissistic counterpart and return to your own vitality.

In the case of (pathological) narcissism, the balance between altruism and egoism, respect and recklessness, healthy sensitivity and being easily offended as well as the feeling of self and value are disturbed. The person is often hopelessly overestimating him-/ herself, while other persons are depreciated.

Narcisstic Abuse in Private Relationship

In the self-help group, we provide professional guidance and exchange of experience on the subject of narcissistic and emotional abuse in a relationship. We invite or support affected individuals in their individual conflict resolution. The protected space is important to us; Because it is only here that the affected people can open themselves and talk with their peers about their emotional situation and also exchange ideas with often rather personal issues.

The participants realize that it can happen to everyone and they are not alone with their situation. The individual problems of each participant are named and discussed, but not evaluated by the participants and the group coordinator. This open approach to the problems allows the participants a higher degree of clarity, combined with new perspectives. For many participants, this offer is the first step to create new perspectives and / or to seek further assistance. There are no fixed rules or even regulations for the work of the self-help group. Each group develops its own style over time.


Narcissism is not only a psychological disorder, but also a "psychic primal force” that can shape life positively and negatively". Narcissism could positively comprise self-strength and self-love, and negatively self-centeredness, greed, and uncritical conviction of one's own grandiosity.

The narcissist lives in a constant self-elevation and feels far superior to others - or he / she remains average and "constantly" devalues and suppresses others. Both strategies lead him to stand out as a seemingly important and distinguished person.

The downside of the supposed grandiosity is the dependence on admiration from the environment. Narcissistic people often react to criticism or misconduct with uncontrollable anger, feelings of revenge, and aggression or even with blind rage. Common to all narcissistic forms is the severely disturbed self-esteem of a person who suffers from a constant sense of inferiority and fear of failures which he / she seeks to compensate.