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Khotan Fernandez Solo Exhibition

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Took place 2 months ago
Thu 06 Jun 18:00 - 21:00

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The Directed Art Modern is pleased to present L.U.C.A, a solo exhibition by Miami artist Khotan Fernandez. L.U.C.A: Last Universal Common Ancestor, experiments with the use of different materials, including glass, resin, paper, tile, wax, ink, and cut-out drawing enhancing the idea that it is through the many differing components, when seen together mimics the start of being, and how the world today and the individual are comprised of many elements, which ultimately unites us all. The collection also involves a metamorphic vision between mediums, in which sculptural objects appear to be transforming, or evolving from something they were, or into something completely new, mesmerizing the viewer in the process.

Fernandez is a confident and often philosophical artist often delving into the metaphysical, here though, his approach is ontological as he explores being and the forces of life. To find the answers to his questions on existence, and the forces of life he looks beyond Western Society and draws from horizons of cultures of the Other and the sciences. Distinct to all of Khotan’s work is his representation and reverence to the natural world, which often appear to overtake a canvas, but as Garcia Marquez’s points out – the natural world is a life force never to be controlled, Khotan goes one step further and instructs the individual on how he/she must adapt to the natural world, the flora and fauna – and not the other way. This unique treatment of the natural environment also likens his work to traditional ancient artworks from the East – where the individual is dwarfed by the environment that surrounds – here though the environment is not the essence that isolates, it is the individual’s disconnected self that causes the isolation. Looking towards the sciences, Khotan mounts canvases that have been experimentally painted with inkjet creating asymmetrical patterns similar to that of the Rorschach inkblot personality test. The images behave like personality tests in the sense that every viewer can interpret the blots differently and see varying figures based upon both their personality, and some would argue their universal markers of culture.

Khotan pulls his inspiration from many outlets in this exhibit, highlighting the infinite chain of inspiration that comes from art. He explores deep into himself to try and show that the soul of humankind is always connected through a form of universal energy. As we have continued to evolve as a species, and categorize ourselves into different cultures, tribes, countries, and groups we have grown farther apart from our common originator. If we dive into ourselves deep enough, we will discover that we are all still connected by a single ancestor, or in the case of this exhibition – a single ‘cell-like’ entity. This mystical ancestral being, the originator of our reality is on display from June 6th to June 26th at The DAM’s gallery in Little River.

About the Artist:
Khotan Fernandez was born in Mexico City in Protected content , going on to study entertainment at The Centro de Educación Artística of Televisa. His early career involved modeling, as well as establishing himself as a well-known Mexican actor, working in both TV and film. He went on to explore art and challenges himself to find things lost between the obvious, exploring the relationship between culture and the natural world around us. He pushes to surprise himself continuously by engulfing himself in the freedom associated within structure.

About The Directed Art Modern:
Based in Miami, the DAM is a contemporary art gallery delivering a platform for emerging artists as well as those who are established in public spaces to create playful exhibitions that encourage the participation and activation of their audience, creating connections between art and the public. For more information visit Protected content