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Dancing All Night at Oldest Parisian 1811 Fire Brigade Caserne

Hosted by the Consul of the Paris Live Music Scene Group
Starts in 1 month
Sat 13 Jul 20:00 - Sun 14 Jul 02:00

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This is a public and national event open to ALL.
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The Talented Paris Firemen Brigade DJs will be playing the latest "Techno and Electro" hits, and get us on our feet to dance all night long.
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What is really Bastille Day ? Please, click on the link hereunder ! Protected content

The doors open at 9pm on July 13th - till 4am, the next morning (July 14th). It's highly recommended to start queuing from 8.30 pm to avoid standing too long,

BASTILLE DAY Protected content
Although pressure against France's all-powerful rulers had been brewing for decades, the French Révolution broke out in Protected content , in reaction to a severe national economic crisis and incompetent king, Louis XVI.

On July 14th, Protected content , anti-Monarchist forces in search of gunpower and weapons stormed into the Bastille, a medieval fortress, and freed its prisoners.

The Bastille was a prison for political dissidents. Equally important to add: Royalist troops stood by, without intervening, while this action was taking place ! A signal was heard throughout the city of Paris and the rest of France, that Louis XVI was no longer in control of his army.

On August 4th, Protected content , the French Assembly adopted the "Declaration of the Rights for Mankind and Citizen," which officially abolished feudalism and adopted a system based on equal opportunity, freedom of speech.

The revolution raged on for another 10 years, finally winding down for a while when Napoleon Bonaparte took control and the country adopted a new constitution in Protected content . However, it took two more revolutions in Protected content 1848, before Monarchy was permanently eliminated.

Protected content de CHAVIGNY
Charles of Anjou, brother of Louis IX (Saint Louis), built a large mansion. Number of prestigious personalities, followed one another: Baron de Roquefaure, master of robes for Henry IV in Protected content , François d'Orléans until his death in Protected content ,

In Protected content , the last owner, Leon Bouthilier Chavigny, the King's Counsel, at great expenses decided bring important alterations to the mansion, giving the task to the famous architect Francois Mansart, who designed and built the Chateau de Versailles. The result was quite lavish adding gardens, courtyards, galleries, stables, a farmyard, and an orangery which perfumed the whole area.

The good taste and wealth of the owner made it one of the largest and most prestigious buildings in Paris, hosting on April 28th, Protected content , Honoré II Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco, in honor of his visit to Paris with a sumptuous welcome.

Over time, the pomp and luxury tarnished. In Protected content . The historical building was confiscated, and became national state property, center of funeral services, before it finally housed in Protected content first Paris Fire Brigade on September 18, by Imperial Decree,
Napoleon Bonaparte.


More than 10,000 people are to be expected.
Entrance is FREE for ALL ! However, a money box will be available to support the Firemen Corps Charities: "ADOSPP" and their incredible work: 24/24h - 7/7.

Vive les Pompiers ! Vive le Marais ! Vive Paris !

LET'S GO !!!!