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Time is an illusion - Visit to the Clock-Museum

Hosted by the Consul of the Vienna Cocktail Evenings Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Sun 04 Nov 16:00 - 17:00

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Dear all,

We all know the quote: Life is a one time offer, use it well.

They also say the "new being rich" is nowadays to have time - unplanned time.

How comes? People are often "slaves" of their time tables. Every minute is planned, even their free time. The result is: people have less time today than in the past ;-) it seems...

In the book MOMO we have already learnt in our childhood, the moment you start to count your time, you lose. All this saving time attitude left the people with no time at all, some people said. Well, I always answer to comments like this: It is a question of your belief. The protestant view on time is specific one. They belief that you can earn yourself a place in Heaven by working very heard and saving a lot. The Roman Catholics always had another view on it ;-) Their concept deals more with "grace".

How you "use" your time or deal with it, is always connected to religion. A reflect of this belief can be found in your work ethics. The concentration camps for instance with their slogan: "Arbeit macht frei" have been working camps. The wording confuses people nowadays about the true meaning or what they did there. People had to work very hard there or at least what they wanted them to do there or in the nearby factories. You can still find these kind of forced labour all around the world. Yes, it deals with a lot of violence against people who might be members of a different party or belong to rich minority groups. In the Baltics the rich middle class people once ended up in Siberia. They considered them as a "disruptive factor" for the society. At the end of the day such beliefs can hit on everyone everywhere in the world. The criteria might be different, the idea remains with maybe another wording and in another setting.

Sp let's have a look at the old clocks and how the progress towards a better portability changed our whole lives in the past forever

Nota bene: Please be aware that there is a difference between Chronos and Kairos ;-)