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Less Croweded Kishiwada Danjiri Festival at JR Shimomatu Station

Hosted by the Consul of the Osaka and Kyoto Explorers Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Sun 08 Oct 13:00 - 18:00

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≪Less crowded Kishiwada Danjiri festival at JR Shimo matu station≫

Date: Sun. October 8, Protected content
Meeting time: 1pm
(The parade will start in 15 min and end within one hour. So please arrive on time.)
Meeting point: JR Shimo matu station in Osaka, East exit (The detail will be updated on the day Protected content before the meeting time.)
1. Watching Danjiri Parade at JR Shimo matu station
2. 2:05pm or 3:05pm To Kishiwada station by Nankai bus (Fukuda line 22)
3. Danjiri Kaikan museum at Kishiwada station (Nankai line)

Hello! September and October have many autumn festivals everywhere in Japan. So I would like to go and see one of Danjiri festivals and go to Danjiri museum in Kishiwada city!

 Danjiri festival
Here is a quotation from Wikipedia:
Danjiri are large wooden carts (danjiri guruma) in the shape of a shrine or temple. The carts, often being crafted out of wood, are very ornate, with elaborate carvings. Towns with danjiri festivals in them have different neighborhoods, each with their own guild responsible for maintaining their own danjiri cart. The cart is kept in storage for most of the year. As the festival approaches, the danjiri cart is prepared with elaborate flower arrangements, prayer cards, ornaments, and religious consecrations. They also make a special song every year. It is believed that spirits or gods reside in the danjiri. The person on the roof of the Danjiri cart controls the direction of movement.
( Protected content )

Danjiri festivals take place in many cities in Japan. The most famous one is in Kishiwada, Osaka. The festivals take place in September and October depending on guilds of Kishiwada city. In September, guilds living in sea side area do the parade and ones living in mountain side area do this month. Usually Danjiri festival held at Kishiwada station in September is the most popular and lots of tourists visit there where food stalls are open. This is why the event title includes "less crowded", which is confirmed by a Kishiwada city tourist center staff;)

The festival in Kishiwada is well known for the vigor of performers who are said to be living a year for only three days of this festival! (You can see how passionate they are!). Sometimes some performers get injured during the festival... So please stay away from the parades, enjoy wisely and go home safely together:)

This time, we will visit JR Shimo matu station where eight guilds of Minami Kamori area do the parade from 1:15pm. In front of east exit of the station, there is a long sloping road where you can see Danjiri will be run and pulled with looong ropes by twenty-thirty carriers with high speed.You will be able to experience its amazing dynamism and force:)

 Danjiri Kaikan museum
The parade at the station will be finished probably within one hour, since the total of Danjiri that this area owns is eight. After the parade at the station, I would like to suggest to take an autobus to go to Kishiwada station of Nankai line to go to Danjiri Kaikan museum Protected content from Kishiwada station by foot.)
FYI: Protected content
*The entrance fee: Protected content , the bus fee to go: Protected content

*Please kindly note that on the day, I will go early to the meeting point and try to find a good landmark and post it on Internation’s event page. Please check!!!

* On the day, I would like to focus on communicating with participants being on time so if you have any anxiety to arrive there punctually, please let me know in advance your line/mobile number/ messenger available on the day. You are kindly appreciated catching us up on your own responsibility.