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Hosted by the Consul of the Munich Outdoors Explorers Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Sun 08 Oct 06:30 - 22:30

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Update: let´s postpone it for after the Oktoberfest time-> 8th of october.

Hi Explorers! do you want to get an idea of what is the Watzmann but you don´t have the equipment , you don´t want to try it now or you are unsure but you would to try without risk of any kind?

No worries , I have found the solution for us : Let´s do ALL TOGETHER the WatzmannHAUS hike. A technically uncomplicated hike yet physically demmanding due to the lenght and height difference, This is a good compromise of beauty/risk-free hike yet with a good portion of sport. A description and a video to get a visual idea of what awaits you can be found here:
Protected content (the route in the link is part of our route we do a much longer route including it ) . See pictures of the activitiy for details on the trail planned.

Update ; shifted to the next weekend due to heavy rains this weekend Protected content

The Watzmannhaus offers also incredible views over the Königssee and the subroundding landscape.

OPTION B : based on the heterogenity of the participants, weather and other factors it is alwas possible to shorten it to an easy and almost flat hike around the Könnigsee lake and /or a visit to Berghof/Obersalzberg , the historical place where Hitler had his alpine second residence.

Update : to avoid an overlapping with the hiking that Günther proposed. we have decided to move it form the 27th to the weekend of the 3rd so we can join both.

Tour description (Option A):
Height difference. Protected content ,
around 22,6km up and down, around 8-9h walking depending on your pace.
We start strolling through an idyllic middle age village, luckily almost untouched by the second world war bombings, separated 4 km to majestic Könnigsee lake on Schönau ( by bus)
and we start a moderate yet constant climb of around 13km from Schönau village to Watzmannhaus Protected content
to reach gates of the Watzmann.. And no waits here, no worries we go back as a group.

This is a ADVANCED tour based only on the distance and height difference. Easy based on the terrain/technical aspect.

This tour is a good check / preparation for the fullmoon night-hike to Zugspitze.

We go early in the morning by TRAIN. if we are a small group and we have enough cars we could study going by car (only to save 1 hour in case no traffic jam). Send me a private message if you have such interest.

DISCLAIMER : This is not a guided tour and you attend on your own risk (what it is very low and easy to evaluate in advance).

I don´t describe required equipment. Because when you don´t need climbing gear , you don´t need to describe it :-).
Anyway have a look to former hikes published by me in this group if you need an idea of what you need for a regular hike and how I organize them.

We hike all together as a group can without group splits and without enforced waiting times for others going to the top.
We have a humble and uncomplicated attitude so we don´t pretend to tell you what you can do or where you should wait for the rest. Whatever is your time alone doing this or the other peak... etc,
We don´t want to make the impression of a pretentious and boasting sort of "alpine-guide"/"National Geographic snob" knowing it all better than you. For this we stay on a peer to peer hiking-buddies basis out of the merely organizational aspects of a group. We assume that you know what are you doing. If you agree with us this event is for you this time.If not or you can not do it this time, anyway, there are enough weekends and groups out there to pick up the best time that fits for you so if this event it is not for you, you will find another for sure.

But, please, if you register do it with the firm intention to attend. I would prefer not to see 7 participants of a total of 18 registered as it is usual with other groups.
If you can not attend in the end for whatever reasons it is fine, just be honest with yourself and the group from the very beginning, please.

Interim train schedule ( warning : it can be changed at any time ! )
way in :
München Hbf Gl.5-10 ab 06:55 M Protected content Meridian Richtung: Salzburg Hbf
Freilassing an 08:33 2
Umsteigezeit 8 Min.
Freilassing ab 08:41 3 BLB S4 Berchtesgadener Land Bahn Richtung: Berchtesgaden Hbf
Berchtesgaden Hbf an 09:29 1
Fußweg 3 Min.
ZOB/Hauptbahnhof, Berchtesgaden ab 09:35 Bus 843 Bus Richtung: ZOB/Hauptbahnhof, Berchtesgaden

way back (we have to do it in 8 hours or the last chance at 19:00 takes almost 4 hours!) :
Haus Biller Unterstein, Schönau a. Königssee ab 18:20 Bus 843 Bus Richtung: Zentrum, Berchtesgaden
ZOB/Hauptbahnhof, Berchtesgaden an 18:41
Time here to walk for 20 min around the city center :-)
Berchtesgaden Hbf ab 19:29 1 BLB S4 Berchtesgadener Land Bahn Richtung: Freilassing
Freilassing an 20:16 1
Umsteigezeit 13 Min.
Freilassing ab 20:29 4 M Protected content Meridian Richtung: München Hbf Gl. Protected content
München Hbf Gl.5-10 an 22:17

as the time closes I will disclose the character, time and point of meeting and exact route for the hike /visit to the Berchtesgaden Area.