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Family Constellation Evening (Free Admission)

Hosted by the Consul of the Dubai Meditation & Celebrations Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Tue 29 Aug 19:00 - 21:00

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Friends, We Invite you to Family Constellation Evening Workshop with Leela.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Whether we want it or not, the issues we are struggling with, our personality traits and our expectations of life are strongly influenced by our parents. Since, they too have been affected by their parents, unresolved traumas can be passed forward from one generation to the next, decade after decade, with the result that we have adopted an emotional map that doesn’t serve us any longer.

Healing these wounds in both oneself and in the family at large is what we work with in the Family Constellation workshop.

How it works practically is that the person who has the constellation addresses an issue that she or he wants to work on. This can be depression, financial or relationship problems, grief, and so on. The
addressing person will then intuitively select one person in the group to represent him or her. Representatives for the closest family members will also be selected and placed out in the room. As the constellation proceeds, the dynamic between the family members (and other entities such as emotions, energies, places, etc.) in relation to the problem reveal the core of the suffering. Hence,
emotions that might have been passed on from ancestors to parents to children for many generations can now be released and thereby,

The constellation ends with the whole family (representatives) coming together in reconciliation,either in finding a resolution or in taking one step towards it.

The beauty of this healing modality lies in the fact that not only does this healing take place practically in front of your eyes and heals right there and then, it so heals you, your entire family tree and the strangers (in their personal aspects) who were playing a part of your family constellation at the same time. It goes to show how we all are remarkably inter-connected in this larger web of life,whether we are able to comprehend it or not, and when ONE heals then healing takes place at different levels throughout the web. This makes it
an extremely powerful and a life-altering experience.

Family Constellations can enable participants to:

-Gain insight into professional conflicts

-Deal positively with severe illness and death

-Understand the “bigger picture” of any life situation

-Resolve misunderstandings, entanglements, and blocks in family relationships

-Break repetitive patterns of abandonment, alienation,abuse, accidents, betrayal, disconnection, dysfunction,loss, poverty etc.

-Address parenting problems and painful family situations (i.e. divorce, single parenthood, miscarriage, infertility, abortion, adoption/custody)

-Uncover reasons for physical and emotional suffering and take steps towards healing (i.e. migraine, asthma,eating disorders, chronic backache, depression,anxieties and phobias, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse etc.)

Energy Exchange - Free Admission ( Pay As you like)
Date Protected content August 7 to 9 pm

1409, The Metropolis Tower, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay
Protected content , United Arab Emirates

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About Leela

•Leela has spent most of her life on a inner quest for a greater liberation beyond conditioning.
•She was faced with many challenging dynamics all throughout her early life as a child.
•Being blessed to have the guidance of modern day mystic "Osho" from the age of 14. She dove deeply into healing threw meditation and meditative therapies. Which lead her on even a great search for the understanding of humanology, sociology, cultural conditioning, and the one going dance of polarity between man and woman.
•For her life has been the greatest teacher and continues to be so.
•In Protected content did her Kundalini Yoga teacher training. It is one of her greatest joys For her to be able to share the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga with others.
•She also works with therapeutic modalities like Family Constellations, Osho Active Meditations, Ho'oponopono, and Eft(Emotional Freedom Technique)
Her family roots are from India~Punjab. Her great grandfather migrated there in Protected content . She was born and brought up in beautiful British Columbia. She moved to Dubai in Protected content has been here ever since. For her Dubai is the perfect blend of the east and west " the best of both world".

Come join her on 29rd Evening 7 pm for their amazing Family Constellations workshop.