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Mind Mood Mastery - Meditation Playshop

Hosted by the Consul of the Dubai Meditation & Celebrations Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Sat 16 Sep 11:00 - 13:00

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Friends, We invite you to our special weekend Meditation Playshop on Mind/Mood Mastery.

During this session we practice various awareness and meditative techniques for Mind Mood Mastery.

Where: Protected content
When: Saturday 16th of September
Time: 11 am to 1pm
Instructor: Prem Amit
Price: AED 150

For RSVP Contact - Protected content

"The mind becomes filled with many words, many thoughts. We can turn the computer on or off, but we cannot turn the mind off. There is no reference about it, that when god made the world, when he made man, he made a switch for the mind so that you could turn it on or turn it off. There is no switch, so from birth to death it continues.

This chattering is our education, and it is basically wrong because it teaches only half of the process - how to use the mind. It does not teach you how to stop it so that it can relax - because even when you are asleep it goes on continuing. It know no sleep. For seventy years or eighty years it has worked continuously.

If we can educate...and thats what i am trying to impress on you - that it is possible. We call it meditation. it is possible to put a switch on the mind and turn it off when it is not needed. It is helpful in two ways: It will give you peace and silence, which you have never known before, and it will give you an acquaintance of yourself which because if the chattering mind, is not possible. It has kept you engaged.

Secondly, it will give the mind rest also. And if we can give the mind rest it will be more capable of doing things more efficiently, more intelligently.

So on both sides - on the side of mind and on the side of being - you will be benefited. You just have to learn how to stop the mind from functioning, how to say it is enough; now go to sleep. I am awake dont be worried.

Use the mind when it is needed, and then it is fresh, young, full of energy and juice. Then whatever you say is not just dry bones; it is full of life, full of authority, full of truth and sincerity, and has tremendous meaning. You may be using the same words, but now the mind has collected so much power by resting, that each word it uses becomes a fire, becomes power.

What is known in the world as charisma is nothing; it is simply a mind which knows how to relax and let energy collect. So when it speaks it is poetry, when it speaks it is gospel. when it speaks it need not give any evidence or any logic - just is own energy is enough to influence people. And people have always known that there is something - although they have never been able to exactly pinpoint what it is - that they have called charisma..

A mind that us working day and night is bound to be weak, dull, unimpressive, somehow dragging. At the most it is utilitarian; you got to purchase vegetables - it is helpful. But for more then that there is no power. So millions of people who could have been charismatic remain poor, unimpressive, withour any authority and without any power.

It is is possible - and it is possible - to put the mind to silence and only use it when it is needed then it comes with a rushing ofrce. It has gathered so much energy that each word uttered goes direlctly to your heart. People think that these minds of charismatic personalities are hypnotic; they are not hypnotic. They are really so powerful,so is always a spring this is for the mind.

The then mind is good servant of immense power in the hands of silence. Then the being is the master, and the master can use the mind whenever it is needed and can switch it off whenever it is not needed.

Move towards self mastery. Use all devices, methods, to be come master of your own self" Osho

Detailed instructions will be provided prior to meditation and there will be opportunity to ask questions and share.