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Masters of thy Destiny, A Workshop By Baani & Harpreet

Hosted by the Consul of the Dubai Meditation & Celebrations Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Sat 07 Apr 11:00 - 13:00

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Friends we invite you to a special Chakra Awareness workshop by Harpreet & Baani on Saturday 7th April , 11am.

Chakras are our energy discs revolving around our 7 energy centers in our body which when cleansed, balanced and healed allow our serpentine energy or the Kundalini which is located at the base of our spine to rise upwards and help acheive Spiritual Enlightenment and align our Souls to our highest Spiritual Purpose on Earth.

It connects us to our essence, the power of Kundalini Energy, Absolute Wisdom, Unconditional Love and Compassion and our path to Eternal Bliss.

Come learn the Art of Kundalini Rising and Cleansing of the 7 Chakras to connect them with Inner Sacred Wisdom and Power to Release stored Unwanted Energy of this lifetime as well as previous ones through our Guided Meditations.

Also learn the method of release for your chakras which you continue to do on your own on a regular basis to keep your chakras energy always in balance and harmony.

Each of our Chakras has a specific Spiritual Lesson to teach us and works on a specific Sacred Truth. Our Creation is based on each one of these specific truths for every chakra which we need to Honor in order to rise and acheive our highest potential and eternal bliss. However, violating any or all of the 7 Sacred Truths of our 7 Sacred Chakras releases a conflicting energy in our Chakras and hampers the balance of our Mind, Body & Soul leading to emotional, mental and physicall illenesses or distress.

Learn to identify, understand and apply all of these 7 Sacred Truths in your Life to make your Chakral Energy Truly Sacred.

Gain insight into your own chakras; see their energy, color, size and the blockages and the stored energy of trauma in them.

Learn the technique to identify and differentiate the blockages of one chakra from another and the reason of its being there by understanding our mental and emotional thought patterns behind such bloackages.

Understand the correlation between the physical, mental or emotional manifestation of an illness due to our thought patterns and the stored energy of our traumas of all past lifetimes.

Gain insight into understanding that if one is facing certain fears or issues in expressing intimacy or a withdrawal from their physical reality or a lack of self- assurance and lack in clarity of thought and decision then which chakral energy is coming into play and how to release the same. For each of these feelings , emotions and thoughts different chakras need to be focussed upon.

Learn the Art of keeping your Micro- Cosmic Orbital energy in balance in your body as well to have the cosmic energy flow in the right manner and order in all of your Energy Bodies.

Dive into the Pure Cosmic Sacred Energy of your Chakras and experience a life - changing thought- changing process.

"Come Unfold the path of your Destiny and become thy Master."

Healers Harpreet and Baani @Tathaastu147_found their shamanic path with the help of their Gurus and Teachers, who guided them into learning several other HealingModalities to heal all Energy Bodies. They are certified practioners in the Art of Chakra Training and Healing. They are highly adept in the Art of Chakra healing and have incorporated it with Shamanic practices to delve deeper into the Energy centers of our bodies for a more affective healing process.

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