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Tanzawa Hiking(Yabitsu Touge 761m to Karasuo Yama 1136m)

Hosted by a member of the Tokyo Outdoor & Nature Group
Sports & Leisure
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Took place 2 months ago
Fri 03 Nov 08:00 - 17:00

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Fine weather on tomorrow! Lucky You!

Dear Hiking and Nature Friends,
The best season for hiking is autumn.
This is long course, and not picnic.
You need hiking shoes.

- Backpack, hiking shoes, gloves, rain wear for any weather
- WATER 1.5 liter and food for the lunch break
(Please don't trust hutte for food, maybe no inventory, not your taste.)

- Get together at Hadano Station 7:55(Shinjuku starts 6:31 or 6:39)
- Maybe get on first car.
- Get on bus at Hadano Station 8:18(Bus Stop NO.4)
- Long cue in bus stop.Several bus is waiting.
- Arrive at Yabitsu Touge 9:06
- Start hiking around 9:30
- Reach Karasuo yama mountain top around 12:15
- Lunch
- Enjoy view on Mt. Fuji and surrounding area
- Down to Ohkura
- Bus to Shibusawa Sta.

- Bus from Hadano Sta. to Yabitsu Touge 08:18,08:55
- Bus arrived at Yabitsu Touge Protected content 09:06,09:43
- Bus from Ohkura to Shibusawa Sta. 13min. Protected content
- Train from Shibusawa Sta. to shinjuku Sta. Protected content
- We don't wait for late comer at meeting point. You take action at your own risk.
- Lady's rest room is long cue in the hutte, bus stop, station. Please Check first.
- I'll make hot water by gas burner. If you want to drink hot drink, bring your own cup, stick coffee, tea bag and water.
- Route is complicated, so you can always stop anywhere there is signboard, branch board, and hutte.
I got to check total number, not to go missing.

Yabitsu Touge ヤビツ峠(09:30)・・・Goma Yashiki no Mizu 護摩屋敷の水(09:55)[Break10分]・・・
Nino Toh 二ノ塔(11:05)[break10分]・・・Sanno Toh 三ノ塔(11:35)[break 10分]・・・*
Karasuo Yama 烏尾山(12:15)[lunch 40分]・・・Shinme Sansoh 新茅山荘(14:15)[break 10分]
・・・Ohkura 大倉(15:40)

*There's about 3meter chain between Sanno Toh and Karasuo Yama.

You don't clinch the chain, only keep balance with chain.
Because chain, peg and rope is not always adequate strength for all your weight completely.
IF no flat foothold, seek strong foothold and put your weight on your big toe.
You can watch around your foothold about 2 meter square for your direction, but never watch the deep bottom of gorge.

You can shift your gravity by basic three point climbing system at all times when climbing up or off.
Keep two hands in one foot or two feet in one hand in contact with the foothold of wall at all times.
This is very simple, you can apply this method to go up a ladder. truck.

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Expense: Total 2,020yen

Train Shinjuku Sta. - Hadano Sta. Protected content 08:18,08:55
Bus Hadano Sta. - Yabitsu Touge Protected content
Bus Ohkura - Shibusawa Sta. Protected content 15:55,16:10,18,38,55,17:08,35,48
Train Shibusawa Sta. - Shinjuku Sta. 670yen

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Restaurant(Izakaya) around Shibusawa:
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Protected content
Protected content
Protected content

Hot spring:
KoBo no Sato Yu (Tsurumaki Onsen Sta.)
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