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Kirihuri Kogen (NIKKO) in July

Hosted by a member of the Tokyo Outdoor & Nature Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Sun 29 Jul 05:00 - 20:00

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Hiking in Kirihuri Kogen

Nikko is well known not only for its world heritage but also for its natural resorts. There has always been something new to discover and it was never a disappointing experience.

Japan has dishonorable Guiness World Record, over Protected content lost their lives in Mt. Tanigawa-dake. Every year over Protected content in mountain area including foreigners. This is Japan's hard reality. You should not take Japanese hiking lightly even in small sized area. This is not recreational center, not Ninjya Yashiki set, not Disneyland. We need to make thoroughgoing preparations for outdoor activities and practical experience.

This is not picnic. Hiking shoes is indispensable. Do not pull on sneaker, please. If you have no hiking shoes, you should buy them urgently. I'm able to advice to you. Your sneaker will be junk for muddy puddle, slippy root, rocky mountain path. Sneaker will tread a nail into the sole of your foot easily. Sneaker shoes cause all of us slow pace, danger of exhaustion, I'm afraid we've got to cut hot spring time, and need headlamp for night walking. If you have sneaker, maybe I limit your hiking activity area only around rest house and hot spring for your safety. So it's difficult to control member, I limit the number of participants approximately 10 people.

I recommend to have rucksack, gaiters(spats) and mosquito net. Please also bring at least 1.5 liter water, hat and lunch box. We're in rainy season, you need to have rain wear for shower and fog, not to freeze to death. You carry national life insurance card,travel insurance card, or ID card for emergency.

In case of rain probability of 50% or higher, this trip would be rescheduled to another day or cancel.

In case of bear, never shout, never run, never photo, never fight, never act to dead. Calm down and glare at bear's lovely round eyes. Throw candy, chocolate, all foods away. Bear is crazy for eating them and forget you. During bear is addicting to them, you should back off with staring bear. Don't turn your back on bear.
Never run. If you run, bear reminds of you. And stop eating, and begin to chase you instinctively.

In case of snake, stop and keep away, never stimulate, don't take a photo. If you're bitten by a snake, your leg or hand will be gangrenous without serum. Unfortunately on mountain area no time to get serum. If you are not familiar with poisonous snake, go away instantly.

In case of lose your way, never go into valley or gorge. If you go into valley, you always reach to the top of the waterfall or cliff. Because Japanese river has sharp inclination from the top to an estuary, different to continental countries. Go to the top of ridge and find root taking a bird's-eye view of the mountain area. You'll find what to do easily.
You should remember leader's telephone number and carry whistle for alert.

In case of hitting the wall, you should eat nuts or almond instantly.
You should eat always breakfast 2 hours ago before hiking. It takes 2 hours to digest food and change energy to climbing.

Always stop on branch point, branch road, and warning sign, NEVER GO ALONE. We need always count all member.

I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for your help and support.

I'd like to split team.
You can teach me which one. I need to confirm A team member equipment, experience for hiking.

A team: Hiking for the top. Hiking shoes is indispensable. Below details is only for A team.

B team: Hiking for the Toshogu Temple or town. Hiking shoes is not indispensable. Sneaker is Okay. No guide or leader for B team. No confirmation on attendance check.

The first part of a series of hiking to Maru-yama events shall take us to a mountain about as twice as high as Mt. Takao but with about the same course time of approx. five hours of 10 km hiking with a view to the major peaks in the area. There will be three occasions for taking a rest. There will also be a water fall on our way and a hot spring at our final destination.


1. Meet at Tobu Nikko Station. In front of station, not automatic ticket gate (8:30)

2. Start bus at Tobu Nikko Sta. to Kirihuri Kogen Rest House (8: Protected content . Arrive at Kirihuri Kogen Rest House(9:20)

3. Hiking to Komaru-yama Tembodai 70mins(10:30)
Maru-yama Protected content 30mins.(11:00)
Kirifuri Kogen Rest House 70mins.(12:20)
Hiking to Oh-yama 75mins(13:35)

4. Arrive at Makkura-Taki Fall 50mins. (14:40)
Arrive at Ohedo Onsen Monogatari Hotel Hot Spring 30mins. (15:00)

5. Enjoy Hot Spring (optional)

6. Take bus to Nikko station from Ohedo Onsen Hotel (16:00, 17:00) Arrive at JR Nikko Sta. (16:15, 17:15)
*Maybe you're not able to eat food. Only reserved restaurant.

7. Start at JR Nikko Sta. to Shinjuku or Tokyo via Akabane.

JR Nikko to Shinjuku or Tokyo Protected content Nikko to Shinjuku Protected content
16:00 transfer at Utsunomiya 16: Protected content Akabane 18:32 via Shinjuku for Zushi
16:41 transfer at Utsunomiya 17: Protected content tr.Akabane 19:02 for Ueno
17:12 transfer at Utsunomiya 17: Protected content tr.Akabane 19:34 via Ueno for Kozu
17:32 transfer at Utsunomiya 18: Protected content Akabane 19:57 via Shinjuku for Zushi
18:21 transfer at Utsunomiya 19: Protected content tr.Akabane 20:53 via Ueno for Hiratsuka

*16 mins. from Akabane to Shinjuku by Saikyo Line.

TOBU Nikko to Asakusa
16:23 Riverty Kegon(Tokkyu) 18:15(Asakusa Protected content
16: Protected content Protected content
17:23 Kegon(Tokkyu) 19:15(Asakusa)
17: Protected content transfer at Minami Kurihashi
18: Protected content transfer at Minami Kurihashi
18: Protected content transfer at Minami Kurihashi
19:18 Riverty Kegon(Tokkyu) 21:15(Asakusa)

Train: JR Shinjuku - JR Nikko Protected content 2= Protected content
Bus: Tobu Nikko-Kirifuri Kogen Rest House Protected content
Hot Spring: Protected content

Other Remarks
- I'll get on at Ueno Station,last wagon for Utsunomiya direction.
Akabane 5: Protected content Utsunomiya 7:29 7:41 JR Nikko 8:25
From Shinjuku, you'll get on Shinjuku at Yamanote Line 5:20, transfer to Saikyo Line at Ikebukuro 5:39, arrive at Akabane 5:47.
-If you like local train, buy JR Seishun Kippu. High cost performance ticket in one day JR local trip .
I'm able to pay only Protected content , all JR train to Nikko(excluding Shinkansen, Limited Express)
Protected content
Protected content

Protected content
Protected content

Please remember to subscribe only if you are sure you can attend.
If something comes up and you are not able to join, please cancel your attendance 24 hours in advance. If you'll be NO SHOW, we'll check your name, share information between consul and refuse to attend other activity. We’ll not wait for late comer to meeting place. If you are late, chase team by yourself with another transportation method.
Note that I am not taking any responsibility for your safety during the hiking. As I am not a professional guide, this is just an invitation if you want to join me for a hiking.

Added 07/09/17

For Beginners
I uploaded some photo for muddy, slippy mountain path in last year Kirifuri Kogen. So you'll find you need hiking shoes and some equipments.
If you don't have hiking shoes and some equipments, you should change to B course. If you'll not keep rule. I'll limit your hiking only in Kirifuri Kogen Rest House and Oedo-Onsen Hotel, not mountain path.

Added 07/12/17

For attendees
I confirmed your equipment, hiking shoes, outdoor experience,etc.
But I 'm not able to in contact for two people, no reply.
I hope they reply to me for their safety.
Thank you for your cooperation!


Added on 07/25

For attendees
Unfortunately, typhoon is coming to Japan on Sunday.
I'd like to cancel this activity.
If typhoon will be off, no activity.
Because typhoon and cold vortex around Japan, I'm afraid many trouble in hiking.

I'm looking forward to next hiking.