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Kaguya Hime, the oldest Japanese fairy tale, the motif of Ballet

Hosted by the Consul of the Tokyo Music Lovers Group
Culture & Entertainment
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Took place 2 months ago
Sun 24 Sep 16:00 - 19:30

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Austrian Ballet Company Tokyo plays “Princess Kaguya”

Princess Kaguya, in Japanese Kaguya Hime, is the oldest Japanese fairy tale created in Heian period (AD Protected content AD Protected content , the writer is unknown. The story is, indeed quite old, however you would be curious when you find that it describes a “space craft” – please see the front picture. At the finale stage, the princess is departing for moon by using a free floating – non gravity control DASHI (山車), which sounds a science fiction!!.

Let’s make the story short.

Three inches baby had been found in a bamboo by an old wood-cutter, he called the baby, “Kaguya Hime”. She rapidly grew up to a shiny beautiful lady just in three months. Her beauty was widely spread in the country, hence the five noblemen proposed her to marry. She was not motivated to do so. Thus she made a seriously challenging counter offer for each by each. Consequently all noblemen failed to achieve the request miserably. One day, she was crying and saying that she was coming from the moon. “I shall have to return to the moon on next full moon night” When the day came, the space craft had arrived from the moon. Nobody could not stop the princess is leaving.

Note : The recent study proves four out of five noblemen were existed in Hewian period. This means the writer seems to be another nobleman and as a part of his political battle, he satirized four opponents. This could be a hidden but real motif of Princess Kaguya.

Please read below for the full and “proper” translation.

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Here is the prologue of above translation.

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Long, long ago, there lived an old bamboo wood-cutter.
He was very poor and sad also, for no child had Heaven sent to cheer his old age, and in his heart there was no hope of rest from work till he died and was laid in the quiet grave. Every morning he went forth into the woods and hills wherever the bamboo reared its lithe green plumes against the sky. When he had made his choice, he would cut down these feathers of the forest, and splitting them lengthwise, or cutting them into joints, would carry the bamboo wood home and make it into various articles for the household, and he and his old wife gained a small livelihood by selling them.

One morning as usual he had gone out to his work, and having found a nice clump of bamboos, had set to work to cut some of them down. Suddenly the green grove of bamboos was flooded with a bright soft light, as if the full moon had risen over the spot. Looking round in astonishment, he saw that the brilliance was streaming from one bamboo. The old man. full of wonder, dropped his ax and went towards the light. On nearer approach he saw that this soft splendor came from a hollow in the green bamboo stem, and still more wonderful to behold, in the midst of the brilliance stood a tiny human being, only three inches in height, and exquisitely beautiful in appearance. ……continued.

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YouTube Anime - English version
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Anime by NHK – Japanese version (Old Japanese wording)
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Austrian Ballet Company (ABC)
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Promotion Videos from Austrian Ballet Company (ABC)

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Tokyo Union Church - WEB
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In front of Omotesando Hills, next to Louis Vuitton
5 min walk from Subway – Omote Sando Station (Chiyoda / Ginza & Hanzomon Lines), A1 Exit (Ground Level)
The church has Protected content capacity hall, and about 20 dancers will be on stage.

Meeting Point : Tokyo Union Church – front door inside

16:00 Meeting time
16:15 Coffee / Tea / Cake with attendees (venue – TBA)
17:30 Line Up at the door
17:45 Door Open
18:00 Performance Start
19:30 Performance Close

Cost : Your donation for Tokyo Union Church and ABC Tokyo