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Back to the Beginning:

Hosted by the Consul of the Mexico City Drinks Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Sat 02 Sep 17:00 - Sun 03 Sep 15:00

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Have a Global Mind and be in Total Harmony

Back to the beginning: Mezcal tasting & The sweat lodge purification.


When the Spanish conquerors arrived Protected content ago they taught distillation techniques to Mexico's native inhabitants and the first distilled spirit in the Americas was born: Mezcal. 
The Mexican state of Oaxaca is the official home of Mezcal and a traditional center for Mezcal making in Mexico, producing 60 percent of the country’s Mezcal.  Because Oaxaca is one of Mexico's poorest states, it has a huge stake in Mezcal's success abroad.
Mezcal producers in the villages of Oaxaca still use the same traditional method of roasting agave in underground wood-fired pits, and distilling in small-batch, copper pot stills.  One of the important drinks of rustic, rural Oaxaca - Mezcal is the traditional toast of choice at ceremonial occasions such as baptisms, weddings and town fiestas. A vital aspect of native Zapotec and Mixtec culture, Mezcal is slowly becoming sought after and highly regarded by fine spirits connoisseurs around the world. Mezcal producers hope the demand for agave will rise as consumers around the world are captivated by the drink they loftily describe as "Oaxaca's cognac."

Sweat Lodge

Smoke curls toward the sky as the sitting elder lifts the sacred pipe, lowers it to the ground and moves it around him. He's recognizing the Creator, honoring Mother Earth and calling on spirits to lend support.
Ancient songs and drumbeats fill the simple dome-like structure. Constructed of gray willow branches and covered in black canvas, it sits low to the ground. The flap over the entry we crawled through has been closed, ushering in darkness. Medicinal water infused with juniper is poured over the red-hot rocks in a pit at the center. Fifteen of us sit on the ground, encircling this only source of heat.
The temperature rises, and together we go back to the beginning.
We´ll to experience an authentic sweat lodge ceremony.
The sweat lodge, represents a return to our mother's womb, and the rhythm of the drums is her heartbeat. The water and steam are meant to purify those who enter, allowing each of us to emerge reborn.

That is the basic intention of the sweat ceremony, an indigenous custom that's been preserved for thousands of years by Natives along all the American Continent.
The ancient practice is meant to birth new life.

Saturday night

Protected content opens its doors at the heart of a magic town just some minutes away from the city for all of us who want to experience a new adventure tasting this wonderful elixir: for mezcal lovers, for those who think doesn’t like it or for those who think they all taste the same.

We will be tasting and pairing a variety of mezcals or types of “agave” with delicious mexican appetizers -option for vegetarians too- while we:

-Uncover the magic pleasures of this delectable spirit
-Discover how to recognize different types of agaves.
-Learn how to taste it in 3 phases

Mezcal is the most complex drink in the world for the diversity of species of agave, diversity of regions, processes and flavors. This tasting is dedicated to small-scale farmers in order to recognize and honor this type of craft production.
We´ll be discovering artisanal mezcal from small productions which are not that easy to find as other commercial brands.

Let’s discover how to taste and enjoy delicious mezcal and pair it gastronomically!

The Bar offers us a discount in order to know how many we will be so they can prepare everything for us
...let´s go for it! All of this –includes the tasting from a variety of mezcals with their food pairing,

Sunday Morning

We´ll remove toxins and experience a great purification in body, mind and soul at the temazcal
It will be on at Amatlán, only 20 minutes from Tepoztlán.

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For only $ Protected content (mxn) both activities.

Trip, Tips, Hotel and extra drinks are not included

You can choose the hotel of your preference.
Some options are ;
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