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2) Summer 2017: Sailing in Ionian Greece

Hosted by the Consul of the Milan Sailing Passion Group
Sports & Leisure
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Took place 3 months ago
Sat 12 Aug 10:00 - Sat 26 Aug 10:00

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(if you are interested is very important that you read all the way through, thanks)

Dear sailing, here is a new proposal for the summer Protected content Ionian Greece. The period will be four weeks from Saturday, August 1 to Saturday, August 29. Of course you can choose to take a week, two, three, four. And of course what time depending on your commitments. The boarding and landings will take place every Saturday, we will start from the port of Lefkas in Lefkada. There will be two initerari: one week to the north, then Corfu, Paxos, Anti-Paxos; the other week instead of south, then Meganisi, Kefalonia, Itaka, Kastos, Kalamos. I will not know until the last week if your will to the south or to the north, as the route to the North is more of open sea and weather conditions are decisive for this choice. If the people that will be have little experience in sailing, it is likely that we will make the route to the south for all weeks, because the sea is almost always calm and it is surrounded by small sailing ground, then away.

The price, as always, depends on the cost of the boat. As we have already done, I look for the boat, I send you the link of the offer and decide whether to take it. As always, my activities do not include costs to pay the Skipper (as I am) and there are no private gain for anyone. The maximum cost that I established to allow all members to participate without spending too are € Protected content per weekend (for now, the weekend we spent less and less of this figure, including fuel, weeks we have not yet made) and € Protected content for a week in Italy end 500€ to distant places outside Italy. In these prices are to be included is the final cleaning. This does not include the prices of possible ports and the food, which may vary depending on whether you choose to eat in the boat or at the restaurant, and Diesel. And of course does not include travel expenses to get to the port where we expect the boat. Boat rentals for weekends, always starts at 18:00 on Friday and ends at 18:00 on Sunday. Usually, but not true for all charterers of sailboats, the week is Saturday to Saturday of the following week. But others do from any day of the week to seven days later. For the weekend, the boat will not come out from the harbor. On Friday night, waiting for all those who for personal reasons can not arrive at 18:00. So will arrive on Friday night at any time, not on Saturday morning because if one delays the boat can not go out to sea and the crew beats me to me.

In this case, for the boat, not spend more than 350€ per week, this will be possible as soon as possible if there will be the adhesions. Obvious that if expected July 29, prices would be much higher.

IMPORTANT NOTE: previous experience in which there have been misunderstandings I have to clarify some things. Although I securities trainer Instructor, Instructor, Boat license without limits, Skipper for sailing associations and clubs, I will not be your "Skipper". The Skipper who takes money has contractual obligations for which there kitchen, makes you breakfast, etc. Since I do this for fun and not for money (I have other work) I'll just your commander, with criminal responsibilities that follow. The commander is responsible for your safety. So it is up to him (so to me) decide whether the prescribed path will change because of the weather; if you return to the nearest port if someone is hurt; to stay in port if weather conditions could jeopardize your safety. But also decides whether any behavior or entire crew of a person is not suitable to the safety of navigation. An example: if I say to a person to get the boat shoes, because, as often happens, barefoot there is always someone who breaks his toe, the must put. Why? because if it slips and pushes another that ends up in the sea is a problem. Also, if not put them and it hurts, I see myself forced to return to port, with the other crew members who get angry because the cruise ends suddenly. Again, if for any reason I can not get into the harbor (maybe for sudden weather conditions that do not allow this), the person who was hurt might endanger the boat itself. It 'happened in my 25 years of sailing that someone, for example, suffering from seasickness wanted to jump into the water to reach the coast, in adverse conditions. This would force me (otherwise it would be wrongful death) to try to recover the person overboard, maybe getting close to the rocks and putting the rest of the crew at risk. So, in short, anything related to your safety and the Commander decides if someone decides not to obey the responsibility of any accidents passes to him or her. This is called mutiny. A time included hanging, today only the criminal offense, so if you want you can also do it:-)
Apart from the role of Commander, you have to consider myself a member Internations equal to you, so do not expect me to organize trips to embark hotels in case you want to arrive the day before, flights and more. I try sailing, you wonder if good at all, and if it goes well we rent. Then I drive the boat sailing (and to teach those who want to drive it) and I tell jokes, stop, finish:-)

INSURANCE: All boats are rented including insurance for the damage that the crew can do to the boat itself. But as with all insurance, there is a deductible or "discovered" that ranges from Protected content Protected content have to pay for minor damage to this figure. Usually this duty a advance myself, but if someone does damage to the boat (for example throw paper into the toilet breaking it), we pay all the damage. In some cases there is an insurance deductible, the price of Protected content , which must divide in addition. In my life I have never done damage to a boat, so I usually do not do, but in this case you'll have to carefully follow my advice because it does not break anything.
There is also an insurance for people who can and can not do. Concerns the case that there facades bad, maybe falling or stumbling. It is not mandatory in this case because it is as if a friend with a boat license will bring on a tour boat, nonprofit or asking money for him, then doing business or sports association or sailing club. It is not our case. But there is the possibility to do it if you feel more confident (I have it, as a manager and instructor costs 50 € per year). The you can get by asking for any sailing club for a price of around 30 € and is valid for the whole year. Obviously I can not tell you the circles with whom soon my work as sports instructors (not paid), because someone might think that I want to get rich by taking € 0.20 for each card that I do. Fortunately I do not need the € 0.20, so just ask that any sailing club that you find on the Internet. Always if you want. Keep in mind that an insurance that costs 30 € or 50 € as mine, if you split a leg, do not give you 1,000,000 euro, if not I smash a year alone.

SO HOW YOU ORGANIZE? seen the previous experience, in which I have to chase the people who put the participation, then do not come, or call me, telling me: "I was away, why did not you put it?" There is organized as follows:
EVERY EVENT SAIL, both weekly for the weekend, there will be a sheet date for entry to the event. By this date will have to get me the membership, and a down payment, by bank transfer of Protected content for the events at the weekend and Protected content for those weekly. This amount will be refunded if the event does not do it because there are not enough members. If the event is done, the amount advanced NOT BE RETURNED, you can only find someone to go in your place and make you give money. All this because if we take a boat for 10 people that we pay € Protected content for a weekend, if two people change their minds, the other 8 are FORCED TO PAY EVEN IF YOU thought better.
I apologize, but in the events organized before, I found myself with people who were ready to leave and they had already paid the sum for the boat and others who had joined, but had not paid the money. So I found myself having to look for these people at the last moment, because maybe they could not answer the phone, to ask if they had decided to participate or we had thought. So, after you have decided to attend the event, you have to make me a bank, and wait for the closing date of the event. If there will be enough people to rent the boat at a cost affordable event you do, if there are, will restore the advance payment by bank (of course if there was any of you who want to do all this, I would be happy to just drive the boat as Commander and member Internations). It seems obvious now that if we took the boat and that weekend comes the bad weather, those who remain at home WILL NOT HAVE THEIR MONEY BACK, and who is waiting in the boat, covered, that the best time to go out to sea .
HOW TO GET THERE BY BOAT? Obviously I'm not a travel agency, then, if the destination is Greece, as the next summer, I can buy airline tickets or ship depending on the needs of each. So EVERYONE, organizing themselves as they see fit, once taken the boat rental, deals with how to reach the destination of shipment. Obviously in the case of weekend near Milan, as the "Cinque Terre", there is organized with two machines, without having to use 10, which has costs.


Below I must add a note of Internations that I have to put more and please read:

IMPORTANT NOTE: "InterNations provides the infrastructure for our members to organize Activities. The organizers do not represent InterNations as vicarious agents. Therefore, InterNations does not accept any legal responsibility for damages resulting from the gross negligence of the organizers. Furthermore, neither InterNations nor the organizer of this Activity shall assume liability for any loss of personal property. Nor shall they be held responsible in the event of financial, physical, or emotional damage."