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Windsurfing Day on Lake Como!

Hosted by the Consul of the Milan Sailing Passion Group
Starts in 1 month
Sat 29 Jun 09:30 - 18:30

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windsurfing day suitable for both beginners and professionals. We rent the wind surfing for a day, then we will do packed lunch. For more information write to Protected content co-consul and great surfer, who will teach you to go windsurfing on even for those who do this the first time. Suitable for men and women, We are waiting !!

PS Obviously we can also rent bicycles, canoas , paddle surf,sunbathing, swimming, etc.
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Please Read the rules :Dear everyone,

I think it is better to clarify the windsurfing events after comparing myself with the support of Internations with whom we have a good understanding for 4 years now. In the events on a sailing boat that I organize, there are clear rules: the cost of the boat is shared by everyone, including myself, which also puts civil and criminal liability as commander and Skipper (which therefore do not pay) and advance the deposit about € Protected content time in case someone does damage (such as clog the toilet throwing toilet paper, which is very popular despite my recommendations). On the sailboat, anyone of the members can choose to do only the passenger, or (in safety conditions) decide to want to drive / bring the boat, if he can do it, or learn to hold the rudder, to adjust the sails, etc. . Obviously in the boat I always have trouble braking the male souls that tend to dominate women, so if a woman goes to the helm, almost always there is some man who tells her what to do and I have to intervene not to do it harassing in this way, explaining that for the law, security is in the hands of the commander and if he is enough to organize an event and take responsibility for the command of the boat and the crew. Moreover, they often ask me (both men and women) to do a mini sailing course and being a sports instructor (under my curriculum), I also add this possibility. This is why in my events women often come because they feel protected both from a security point of view and from a personal point of view; in 4 years, I have never had any relationships or asked any of the Internations women, so I do not organize these events for economic purposes, or even to have advantages with the female world, but only because I am a sailing sportsman and for 30 years I do this as a hobby.

With WINDSURF, we are partly in the same situation. My events are halfway between education and play, so there is a problem of strength in the arms to pull a sail out of the water, there will be rented windsurfs sharing, generally by women (or by men who do not manage to pull up the sail) dedicated to education (which obviously involve a cost of about 10 euros per person for a whole day) and tables for those who already know that they will have to be hired by individuals at a cost of 40 € each, both that they are men or women. The boards for education will be used in turn by the members with us consuls that we will do as instruct, this implies that it is not that just one / one has learned to leave, then if it goes in the middle of the lake with the instruction table and we we must chase her swimming to bring her back; when you feel ready enough to get away you can take a table alone / alone or share the cost with another person who is at the same level. It is clear that an advanced windsurfing course, with people who want to learn more complex things, but who already know how to get away and come back, will be posted specifically, for now we offer only a basic course or a sunny day, baths, etc. for those who prefer it. Obviously, not being a formalized course and organized by a sports association, it will be the responsibility of each person to decide whether or not to be insured with an ASD (amateur sports association), the cost of a sports card is about 20/25 €, and lasts a year, but obviously they have a coverage that reflects the cost.

Here, although there is no responsibility on the part of the commander, being in possession of titles recognized by CONI, I never want someone drowned because the boom came in the head and did not have the life jacket, so be clear, who wants do the part of the instruction you have to put the jacket, or else rent a sail even in small group and try to learn alone / alone to pull the sail out of the water and leave. Last thing that happens also in the boat where the crew quarrels for where you have to go to eat or if you eat in the boat what to eat, etc. With the Windsurf event it is easier; Fabio and I, after the day, to avoid the return traffic, we often go to eat a pizza in a pizzeria nearby, obviously everyone is free to come, do not come, go to the local restaurant, or go home. Here it is only a problem to organize the machines first knowing who wants to stay and eat or who wants to go home.

For the first events I have not clarified these things and I left randomly, from this event onwards, these are the rules that everyone is free to accept or not whether or not writing to the event and if he signs up deciding if he wants to do Windsurfing shared for education, or renting the table privately or sharing it with someone and roaming the lake even without a jacket and carrying an anchor.

Last thing, for other events such as Rafting, water skiing, etc. it is not worth anything I said, because we rely on structures where there are already instructors, organization, etc.

PS for those wishing to inquire about my sailing curriculum here is the summary and in the books my inscriptions