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Opera: La Traviata

Hosted by the Consul of the Ankara Culture Group
Culture & Entertainment
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Took place 1 month ago
Mon 02 Oct 20:00 - 23:00

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Paris is a richly furnished hall in the house of Violetta Valery from well-known women of night life. Violetta has organized a party. Fraggy young men and stylish tobacco women are having fun wildly under the influence of champagne. Violetta is surrounded by his fans. A handsome young man comes in; this is Alfredo, who has always been a fan of Violetta. Violetta sees Gastone, who comes with the boy, in a table and gives them champagne. Alfredo lifts his goblet and tells everyone the famous drink song he joined. Violetta approaches the young man, both in excitement. She carries out a cunning plan and sends the other guests to the saloon to dance. So there is no reason why the love between the two new lovers alone should not tell each other. She tells Alfredo to be careful, to live for friends who are independent and pleasurable, and to leave her if she does not have them. Guests gradually return to the saloon, in the morning. Everyone leaves by saying goodbye. After the guests are out, Violetta falls into a dream reaching a divan; She is in a very strange feeling, she has found pure and clean love that she has missed since she was a child and fell in love. Alfredo's voice is heard from the outside.

It's a saloon in the summer house where the lovers stay. They both have not been able to resist their great love and have begun to live together. Alfredo, who is new to Avdan, is very happy. Violetta said farewell to the crazy life, found the money to buy jewelry. The maid, Annina, has sold some things again, bringing in some more money. However, these currencies are not enough to get along. Alfredo understands the truth and decides to go to Paris and find money. She tells Annina, she leaves a brief letter to Violetta. He leaves a solitary envelope to the lonely Violetta. This is the invitation of a new party organized by Flora. At that moment an old man comes in; man Alfredo's father is Germont. She came to the ranch to leave her son. Violetta comes up against monogamy first. But he accepts for some reasons the man has been ordered, and immediately writes a letter to Flora declaring that he will go to him. Another letter says goodbye to his lover. At that moment Alfredo comes in, tries to give up Violetta, but he can not. Violetta abandoned her. The young man is piled up on his father's chest as he enters the room. The father is trying to trick your son into returning home. Alfredo sees Flora's invitation for a moment, wrangling with jealousy and revenge. He decides immediately; He will go to Paris and find Violetta.

Hall in Flora's house. Party started. Even the gypsy-looking gypsies, even the bullfighting wolves, are recalled and everything is thought of for fun. Some of the tables are gambling. Alfredo comes in, starts to sit on a table. Shortly afterwards, Violetta enters the baron of the new lover. Meanwhile Alfredo is always winning. A silent war begins between the lovers. Benefiting from the guests' passing to the other room, Violetta is approaching Alfredo and riched in order not to have a problem with the Baron. Alfredo does not accept this; invites the guests in to cry out that she loves Violetta, but that she does not think anything other than the money and she throws them into her feet. Violetta will fall. Everyone is hungry, the woman is pardoned. Alfredo cooks you up. Baron then invites him to a duel. Violetta, on the other hand, says that one day the young man will understand the sacrifice he made for him and love him until he dies.

Violetta's house in Paris. The beautiful woman is the sickness of death. The doctor comes, hopes Violetta will be good soon, and the maid tells him to be prepared for the oncoming death. Carnival is celebrated outside and the people are enjoying it wildly. Anina brings a letter to Violetta; The letter comes from the father Germont. According to the report, the dueled Baron is wounded. Alfredo comes in. Two dear duets. Then the father and the doctor will enter. Father calls Violetta my daughter, but it's too late. Violetta knows the state of health very well and is waiting for death in sorrow. He will give Alfredo a medallion to give to the girl he will marry in memory of healthy days, and he will pray with angels in his heaven for his happiness. Violetta's head hangs sideways, dead. When Alfredo hiccups, the father who watches this treacherous fear with fear, freezes under the pain of coming to death ...