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Musical Comedy: Bloody Nigar

Hosted by the Consul of the Ankara Culture Group
Culture & Entertainment
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Starts in 2 months
Tue 30 Jan 20:00 - 23:00

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The first years of the 900's are one of the Istanbul neighborhoods living in their own world ...

There are two people coming in and out in the morning who are looking for a widow who claims to be a bearer of Hamdi's barber shop, which is considered to be the meeting place of the neighborhood where the cheerleader is suffering. These are carpets trader Acem Nukud and baker Laz Dursun. The poor appetite of the shop Naci, the charming elder Mustafendi, the wealthy of the local Haydar, Barber Hamdi can not agree with Dursun and Nukud, they can not learn the name of the woman they seek. As the two men go out as they come, Haydar tells the song that the women are not allowed to live alone for the sake of honor and honor. That's what Hyder says, but the others do not join him. Time is changing, life is renewing. Just as the gypsies enter, the atmosphere becomes a joyful, vibrant tone. These are Nigar, her daughter Letafet, her brethren, the unfruitful Nefaset and the dumb Ulfet, who are making bohçacilik and at the same time looking for fortune by looking fortune-telling.

It's an hour when the street starts to get crowded. Those who want to find the future with the curiosity of learning the future are gathered. They are careful and doubtful about these women who are not very similar to the local people, but the lace inside the lounge is also intriguing because the future is read from the palms. In this intimate atmosphere, Hamdi and Nigar, who came to the eye, realized each other, they immediately remember each other. On the other hand, Hyder saw Nigar and likened him to someone whom he knew many years ago. When girls arrive at the time of departure, they say, "There is someone on the roof," and the girls take on the attention of the neighborhood and take turns into colorful sheets. Meanwhile, Nigar's daughter Letafet and Haydar's son Husrev saw each other and were impressed. Everyone is wondering who these new women are in the neighborhood.

In the house opposite the barbershop the same night, Nigar advises girls about the difficulties of a lonely woman's life. He tells a story about a story that begins with the feeding of a house with a song. Everyone comes to sleep in the time of sleep and withdraws to the room, and Hüsrev and Hamdi become worried in the barber shop across the street. The feelings of young lovers come together in the same song. At the end of the stage, Hamdi, who is in trouble with his apprentice Nuri, expects a love, a love, a fit for him.

When the night passes and the hand reaches the neighborhood, Hyder softly arrives at the door of Nigar's house. The neighborhood suspects that one of these newly transported women was a Nigar, which was given to her own estate many years ago. Nigar is annoyed by this interrogation, stating that he is the one he is looking for by standing against Haydar. Haydar warns them to go from this place because Nigar is who he is and when they find out what he's doing, he's afraid of the image of the place being shaken. But Nigar is not the old funky little girl. It is now time to humiliate and revenge everyone at Haydar, whom they have just arrived at in this neighborhood.