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Ballet: Giselle

Hosted by the Consul of the Ankara Culture Group
Culture & Entertainment
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Starts in 2 months
Thu 19 Apr 20:00 - 22:30

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A village near the Rhine, in a vineyard. The villagers are going to the vineyards to collect the last bunches before the festival. Hilarion stops madly at the door of his beloved Giselle. Count Albrecht appears with his friend. He enters the club opposite Giselle's house. When he went out he put on a peasant outfit. He will send his friend back. Giselle has a chamomile look. The last leaf, however, gives the answer 'I do not like'. Hilarion intervenes. Giselle says she really is the one who loves it. The fight is about to get out. Hilarion realizes that Albrecht has a noble tone of attitude to the sword. He sensed the truth. The villagers are returning. Giselle invites them to dance in honor of their product collection. Annesi Berthe, stop Giselle. He warns him about the Wili. The Wili are the souls of daughters who have died without a bride, who have not found their love for their loved ones. According to this legend that is common in those around, the Wilians who jump out of the graveyard of midnight start dancing; they are forced to dance together until they are killed. Pipe sound is heard. It sounds like this song has come from the prey of the Prince of Courland. Drinking hunters are offered. The daughter of the Prince of Courland, Bathilde, presents Giselle with her collar. Peasant couples dance for noble guests. Hilarion notices the rod in the hunting tube. There is no doubt that Albrecht in the peasant shed is now a noble. They say he's a fraud. Albrecht tries to prevent Hilarion from being a swordsman. Hilarion rings the hunt. She goes to Bathilde. Giselle says that Count Albrecht is his fiancé. Learning Albrecht's hypocrisy has a profound effect on Giselle's delicate body and loses his mind and dies.

Tomb of Giselle in the woods. At the order of Queen Myrtha, the Wili are dancing in honor of joining Giselle. Albrecht brings flowers to the landscape. But he is sentenced to dance until he is dying by the Wili. Giselle protect her. Hilarion from the grave is danced and killed by the Wili. Giselle and Albrecht dance as much as they can. The grave of Albrecht unhappy Giselle is dominated by the birth of the sun at first sight.