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In Harvest Seasons of Hanoi Handicraft and Ancient Villages

Hosted by the Consul of the Hanoi Outdoor & Adventures Group
Starts in 4 days
Sat 25 May 07:30 - 19:00

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It is the harvest seasons of the villages. It is good time to visit Hanoi handicraft and ancient villages with their beautiful colorful nature, having tea as locals under big trees of the village, having traditional lunch at one of the ancient house in Duong Lam ancient village. Depending on our own speed, we are visiting all of the locations below:

1. Son Dong Handicraft Village:
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Son Dong craft village in Hoai Duc District, Ha Noi, is Vietnam’s largest craft village making wood statues of Buddha and objects of worship. It’s also famous for the traditional craft like carved lacquer, fine art, and more.

“These wooden objects are for worship, therefore the maker must have a good heart and mind,” Nguyen Viet Da, an 85 year-old artisan in the village.

2. Duong Lam Ancient Village:

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Đường Lâm village has a history dating back about 1,200 years with many houses in Đông Sàng, Mông Phụ and Cam Có Hamlets built in the 17th century.

3. Chua Thay:

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It is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Vietnam.
Từ Đạo Hạnh (also known as Minh Không) was a famous monk. He was the chief monk at the temple, a choreographer of traditional water puppetry, an inventor, and also a medical man and mystic in his village. The mystic acts associated with the monk include him burning his finger to usher in rain and curing local people of disease by blessing them, in addition to performing many other miracles.

He presented water puppetry (which is unique to Vietnam) at the small lake pavilion which he built in the middle of the lake, in front of the main hall. According to the local belief he had incarnated thrice, once as Buddha in the form of Sakhyamuni, then as the son of King Lý Nhân Tông who later became the King Lý Thần Tông and then as a monk who saved the King Thần Tông also. He created his own brand of Từ Đạo Hạnh cult.

4. Van Phuc Silk Village:

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Vạn Phúc is a village traditionally associated with silk weaving in Hà Đông, 8 km south-west of Hanoi. In Vietnamese it is called both làng lụa Vạn Phúc "Van Phuc silk village" and làng lụa Hà Đông after the larger village ("làng") area name.

It is the best known silk village in Vietnam, and one of the best developed and most visited craft village near Hanoi which has over 90 officially designated handicraft villages.

There might be a night market at the Van Phuc silk village starting from 4 pm to 8 pm.

There are two meeting points,

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Please confirm your meeting point asap via phone/whatsapp/zalo, so we would look and wait for you.

Women should NOT WEAR DRESS, or they would not allow to enter the Temples.
Bring snack, water, and camera
Take care of your own bills such as insurance, local gifts

Fee: 900,000 VND/person, including lunch, tea break, water, tickets, transportation, not including bicycle renting.

For 15-seats car: minimum 13 attendees
and for 29-seats car: minimum 21 attendees
(less than the minimum attendees, fees might be added more).

Please DEPOSIT 900,000 VND (Please note your name and the trip name if you transfer via our bank account) by Tuesday, May 14, or contact Iris for available seats. We will send the bank account to your private phone/whatsapp/zalo/email. PLEASE MESSAGE IRIS FOR DETAILS.

I set up the attendee group for the trip on zalo/whatsapp for updates and communication. Please send to me your zalo/whatsapp number or add mine as my phone number. Thanks.

If you will not be able to make it, please sign out of the attendee list by Tuesday, May 14, so others would know available seats, or you are still responsible for the fee, no refundable deposit after this date, and we only count for attendees deposited.

Thanks & Cheers!