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Solve Problems, Take Decisions - Take Ownership Of Your Life

Hosted by the Consul of the Vienna Personal Development Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Sat 22 Sep 13:30 - 16:00

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As someone who has done work on yourself, you are well aware that difficult life experiences can cause deep wounds to your psyche that can be hard to release.

Whether these came from significant childhood traumas like verbal or mental abuse or from less extreme experiences, the impact of these wounds continues to shape your experience of the world.

Most of us, when wounded, make significant unconscious commitments for how to navigate life so as to avoid a similar wound. Such choices — for example, about what you need to do (or not do) to receive love, how you show up with others, and whether you feel safe — contribute to deep mental
and emotional patterns that drive your thoughts, feelings and actions to this day.

These patterns can have many negative consequences for your life, such as inhibiting your self expression and freedom, damaging your relationships, or blocking your ability to move forward on exciting opportunities.

If you’re like most of us, you are aware of (at least some of) your wounds, their resulting patterns and the negative impacts they have and are consciously working to move beyond them. But...

You may not be seeing much change and have diminishing hope that you can ever actually transform your patterns and have the experience of life you imagine.

There are many therapies and methods you may have tried that help bring awareness to your wounds and give some catharsis around them, but these techniques often don’t fundamentally transform your experience of the wound.

When all’s said and done, the wound and the patterns are still driving the ship.

Just ask yourself: do you still fall into the same damaging behavior patterns when you’re stressed or overwhelmed?

Or do you find yourself unable to pursue your highest goals because of resistance and fears?
These are signs that your wounding is still running the show.

Until you are able to transform your relationship to your wound — you are destined to live at the mercy of your limiting patterns.

We will deal with:
 Understand how your early childhood wounds affect and compromise your day-to-day decision making
 See how emotions seeded in your childhood still block your ability to succeed in your goals and purpose
 Learn how to free yourself from the core patterns that hold you back
 Understand the relationship between your wounds and your purpose
 Decode the gifts of your wounds — how they prepare you for your mission and purpose and actually help you succeed in life
 Know how to tell when a wound has ‘expired’, is ready to be transformed and how to use that to walk the most efficient healing path
forward for you
 Continue to finetune your lifepurpose definition

Voluntary Contribution: € 35,- (Room rent, booklet, coffee/tea)

Limited number of participants!

Looking forward to seeing you!
Dieter Langenecker

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