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5 Beautiful puppies are looking for loving family (Addis Ababa)

We have 5 amazingly sweet puppies that are looking for loving families. The puppies are 2 months old, healthy, well-behaved and playful. They are all vaccinated and have their blue vaccination passports. Let me present these puppies that will introduce themselves to you:

Sebastian: I am a very gentle and caring dog, even though I am the largest puppy in the family. I am also very beautiful with nice white fur and a charming face. I and like to be around people that will make me feel safe and home.

Lucy: I am the only girl in the family but I am also the most intelligent and social of them all. I love to play, to observe and to be with people.

Oliver: I am a playful little puppy and I get very well along with my sister Lucy. I like to explore my surroundings and I have a very soft and large fur, and I am the only puppy with dark brown and black

Louis: I am named after the hedgehog in Ice Age 3 because I am a loyal friend who will be there for my family when they need me. I also have a beautiful white fur, just like my brother and best friend Sebastian.

Willy: I am an independent and strong dog, even if I am small and thin. I have a beautiful brown fur and I need a lot of love and care since I am so small.

If you are interested in adopting one of them or seeing photos, please call Kia on Protected content Lisbeth on Protected content email us on Protected content

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