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Back to homeland after many homes (Addis Ababa)

Dear fellow Members of InterNations,
At last, I just finalized a nerve-racking moving preparations and I feel much excited to join you soon in Addis Abeba, the beloved homeland I left 40 years ago. At the same time, with the days getting closer to leave my wonderful host country, Tunisia, I already miss my local friends, my landlord and his family, their beautiful country, the music festivals, the delicious traditional cookies, the very fast and reliable internet connection facilities etc etc...
Following my subscription to Inter-Nations, I was not able to interact much as I have desired. I was, however, checking from time to time on tips and hints that were posted in the web site, which were indeed very informative and helpful for new comers. I wish to take this opportunity to thank every one who shared valuable information and advices. Also, I missed so many exciting events scheduled by our enthusiastic Ambassador so I very much look forward to catch up and to meet her in person as well as the groups.
See you soon, as I plan to arrive end November. And of course, I shall update my new contacts after arrival.
With much appreciations and kind regards

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